4 September 2010 – 5th anniversary ceremony

Kia ora Christchurchians and Cantabrians, we thought you might be interested in this information from Mayor Lianne Dalziel on a dawn ceremony on 4 September 2015 – it will be five years since we all got shaken out of bed at 4.35am when a 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck.

The media release: Dawn ceremony for fifth earthquake anniversary

Mayor Lianne Dalziel is inviting Cantabrians to join her for a special sunrise ceremony in remembrance of the September 2010 Christchurch earthquake.

Residents are invited to gather on the beach outside the New Brighton Library from 6.10am on Friday 4 September 2015, the fifth anniversary of the first Christchurch earthquake.

A short ceremony will be held ending with a shared watching of the sunrise at approximately 6.50am.

Mayor Lianne Dalziel says, “This is the time, on the dawn of the fifth anniversary of the earthquake, to gather together as a community to reflect on our city’s journey. It is a chance to remember what we have been through since September 2010 and, as the sun rises, to look ahead to what the future may hold.”

Parking is available in the carpark north of New Brighton Library. Temporary lighting on the beach will lead you to the gathering point just past the pier.

Find out more about 4 September 2010 earthquake.

Shirley Library will remain open during its 9-week repair programme

Kia ora Shirley Library customers! We are happy to report Shirley Library will remain open during its 9-week repair programme.

Shirley Library

From Monday 24 August 2015, Christchurch City Council is repairing the Shirley Library, near The Palms, at 36 Marshlands Road. The repairs are relatively minor and the library will remain open during the repairs. There will be some visible changes such as areas closed off or shelves moved while the repair and refurbishing work is done.

Work will take about 9 weeks and is expected to run from Monday 24 August to Monday 12 October.

As your safety is important, the Christchurch City Council and Libraries staff ask for your cooperation with all signage and warnings on site during the repair.

We look forward to mid-October when the repairs and refurbishment will be completed.

Read our news post on the repairs.

Every Story Tells a Picture – Teen artists put a new spin on books

The winners of the Every Story Tells A Picture competition have been announced, and they’ve been awarded some pretty tasty prizes.  The judges and organisers were highly impressed with the quality of the works entered, and would like to thank all the entrants for their hard work.

The Every Story Tells a Picture exhibition is on at Upper Riccarton Library from Monday 17th August. All are eligible for the People’s Choice award (a $50 Westfield voucher) – if you go and have a look, why not cast a vote. The winner will be announced on Monday 24 August.

Here’s a few of the winners and highly commended entries that caught my eye:

Junior 2D

Highly commended: Georgina Baddeley, Christchurch Girls’ High School
Based on the book Coraline by Neil Gaiman

Coraline by Georgina Baddeley

Highly commended: Tarryn Wilson, Mairehau High School
Based on the book Alice In Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Tarryn Wilson - Alice in Wonderland

 Senior 2-D

Highly commended: Lilian Farrell, Papanui High School
Based on the book Neon Genesis Evangelion by Fumino Hayashi

Neon Genesis Evangelion by Lilian Farrell

Highly commended: Sebastina Paustin, Burnside High School
Based on the book Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones

Howl's Moving Castle by Sebastina Paustin


Celebration at Parklands

People love libraries. For library staff it’s a great satisfaction and inspiration to hear from customers the many and varied reasons why.

!0th Anniversary morning tea
10th Anniversary morning tea at Parklands Library

Parklands Library recently enjoyed celebrating its 10th anniversary with a full week of events for customers and staff beginning with a morning tea hosted for our celebrities – valued customers and friends, and founding and current library personnel. Warm welcomes from Sam Ludemann, Dan Daley and Carolyn Robertson, and karakia from Betty Situe began our proceedings. Musicians Dan Callahan and Alan Hawes provided just the right ambience for a gentle time amongst the tea and coffee cups.

Our calendar continued with with our incomparable Zac McCallum taking Hip Hooray Story Time, and an enthusiastically attended 3D printer demonstration, attracting curious customers from 4yrs to 86 yrs of age. Saturday was our Big Day Out with live music performers, Dylan Jonkers, Better than Bacon in the morning and The New Brighton Pirate Ukulele Band in the afternoon. Face painting and entertainment from Tania tale teller extraordinaire, ensured we had a buzzy, happy time with something for everyone.

New Brighton Pirate Ukulele Band
New Brighton Pirate Ukulele Band

What was especially heartwarming during this week was the amount of positive feedback staff received from our customer community (that’s what birthday celebrations are for after all). Cards and messages flowed in and people took time to tell us, fervently, just how much Parklands Library was a source of help and comfort to them in the very hard post-quake years and currently while rebuild issues continue. Warm, friendly, safe place, stability, information, connections, distraction and relaxation were some of the words we heard. “The library helped me get through.”

We’re back to a quieter busy-ness now, grinning at a comment we heard along the grape vine from a newcomer to Parklands, on our big day,  “Parklands is the best library in the universe!” And we have the lingering scent of celebration lilies.

We still have our usual roster of interesting community events on the go, so feel free to pay us a visit!

눈 온 8월이 포근한 이유

올 겨울 눈을 만나셨나요?  어쩜 그렇게 몰래 함박눈으로 잠깐 내리고, 또 아침에 살짝 내리다 가버리던지요….., 그래도 산 머리에 쌓인 하얀 눈 옷은 한껏 겨울 산임을 과시하네요. 아무리 추운 겨울이라도 눈이 오는 날이 포근해지는 이유는 왜 일까요 저만 그런가요?

8월에 소개할 책들입니다.

Korean books
Korean books. Flickr, August-2015-IMG.jpg

초록 가죽 소파 표류기 -출판사 문학동네의 ‘ 대학소설상’ 3회 수상작으로 명지대학교 문예창작과에 재학 중인 정지향(23)작가의 작품입니다. 사랑과 우정, 가족 간의 갈등, 사회로의 진입 실패, 재능에 대한 회의 등 오늘 날 젊은이들의 고민을 다양한 에피소드로 그려낸 성장 소설입니다.

전경린의 네 번째 소설집 “천사는 여기 머문다” 는 저자가 11년 만에 펴낸 소설집으로  짧지 않은 시간 동안 써온 9편의 단편이 수록 되어 있습니다.  작가와의 첫 만남이든, 이미 전경린을 좋아하는 분이든 다시 한번 작가의 매력을 경험 할 수 있는 기회가 될 것 같아 소개합니다. – “천사는 여기 머문다. 그 곳은 선 악을 넘어 우리 생의 내부에서 비상하는 생명을 은유한다. 살아 있음의 절정에서 당신의 얼굴에 천사가 떠 오른다.”-작가의 말 중에서

비가 오거나 심하게 추운 날 생각나는 라면 한 그릇과 잘 어울리는 그것(?)  이번에 소개할 책은 웹툰작가 오묘의 “아는 사람 이야기” 1편과  2편 입니다. 그냥 만화라기에 좀 더 진지한 이야기. 내 친구의 친구 경험담 처럼 한 다리 건너의 흔하디 흔한 이야기. 그다지 특별할 것 없는 일상의 이야기가 가슴에 와 닿는 건 마치 보통 우리들에게도 있었던 일들인 양 친근함, 그 이유겠죠.

Papanui도서관이 지진에 의한 건물 수리로8월 12일 부터 10월 12일 까지 문을 닫습니다. 예약하신 책들은 Fendalton 도서관에서 찾으실 수 있습니다. 반납하실 책들도 가까운 도서관에 반납하세요

Budgie Manor – Community Read of Magpie Hall

Part One of our Community Read of Magpie Hall by Rachael King was tea and tales (and cake) on Friday morning.

Part Two on Friday evening was a night of improv and laughs. South Library was the venue, and there was a good-sized crowd.

Community Read audience

We had a nice introduction from Rachael, Councillor Phil Clearwater, and Libraries Manager Carolyn Robertson.

Then it was onto the comedy. The two improvvers were very clever, making good use of some props, wordplay, and guest appearances from the audience. Magpie Hall became Budgie Manor in a variety of fast and furious skits, and roars from the audience peppered the show.

Improv - Community Read

The night ended with some book prizes being given out, and book signings.
Rachael King signs copies

Plus a little more cake.

See our photos of the Community Read events and Magpie Hall displays.

Morbid, grotesque, exhilarating: Magpie Hall by Rachael King

This morning a good-sized crowd was treated to book chat, tea and tales with award-winning author Rachael King – 11am to 12pm at South Library, Friday 7 August. Oh, and a Magpie Hall cake.

Rachael and cake - Community Read of Magpie Hall by Rachael KingAudience - Community Read of Magpie Hall by Rachael King

It was a cracker of a session. Rachael talked us through the journey to Magpie Hall and illustrated the tale with pictures and photos. She described researching a novel as a bit like “Alice falling down the rabbit hole” – and this session was our glimpse into the rabbit hole and the “accumulation of images, ideas, and themes” that made Magpie Hall:

  • Sailor tattoos
  • Circus freaks
  • Nick Cave’s Murder Ballads …


Female taxidermists piqued Rachael’s curiosity – these two in particular:

Claire Third – Lyttelton taxidermist – see her in this CTV doco

Julia DeVille – taxidermist jeweller

The Dead Zoo

These places inspired Rachael – animal dioramas, slimy things pickled in jars: “Morbid, grotesque, and somehow exhilarating”.


Someone with a lot of tattoos was called a collector.

In the late 1900s, the aristocracy took to tattooing. Even royals got inked.

Victorian literature

The influence of books like Northanger Abbey and Wuthering Heights is part of the soul of Magpie Hall. In its intertextuality, it is “a novel about the Gothic novel itself”.

If you are familiar with Victorian Gothic, you might pick up the references. Rachael talked of:

laying Easter eggs in the book for readers.

On writing

Rachael wanted to write a booky mystery. It was a very organic process. After doing a lot of research, in 2008 she didn’t write for two months – then suddenly the whole thing came together in my head”.

Community Read of Magpie Hall by Rachael King

Rachael read two excerpts – one rather terrifying encounter with a ghost at a window, and one about the skinning of a tiger.

What next?

Look for Cafe Continental in Rachael’s upcoming work.

The Cafe Continental [between 1906 and 1909]  Opened on 1 Sept. 1906, this was a 43-bedroom private hotel opposite Cave Rock on the Esplanade with tearooms on the ground floor. On 13 June 1909 it was extensively damaged by fire and never replaced  View more information  File Reference CCL Photo Collection 22, Img01266

The Cafe Continental [between 1906 and 1909] CCL Photo Collection 22, Img01266

The audience asked some good questions, and we all went away sated.

Photos from the event and display at South Library.

If you missed this morning’s event – or if you want some more Magpie Hall – come along to tonight’s event at South Library from 7.30pm to 9pm (Friday 7 August). Join an improvised comedy team as they improvise themes from Magpie Hall. See you there!

Papanui Library is closing for two months

Papanui Library is closing at 6pm Tuesday 11 August 2015. It will be closed for two months for earthquake repairs, with a scheduled reopening date of  Monday 12 October. We are sorry that this will inconvenience those of you who use this busy library by Northlands Mall.

2007 Papanui library pic for web

Here’s some of the things you might need to know:

  • Papanui Customer Service Desk, located in the same building at the corner of Restell Street and Langdons Road, will remain open throughout the library’s closure and keep its usual hours, 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. It will operate temporarily from the rear of the building.
  • Repairs include strengthening work, removing and replacing the ceiling grid and lighting, replacing insulation and ceiling panels, as well as window, wall panel and entrance foyer repairs.
  • Customers won’t be able to return items to Papanui Library throughout the closure, but items from Papanui Library can be returned to any library in the Christchurch City Libraries network. The nearest large library is Fendalton Library on the corner of Clyde Road and Jeffreys Road.
  • Reserved items will be made available at Fendalton Library unless otherwise requested.
  • Papanui Library’s toilets and wifi will be unavailable throughout the entire period of the closure.

For more information, read the following, or contact us:

Happy birthday to Parklands Library

The fabulous community library at Parklands is celebrating ten years. There are some events on next week – come along and join in with the people of Parklands to have some fun.

Parklands 10th Anniversary - Facebook tile

Hip Hip Hurrah! – Story-telling and craft

Wednesday, August 5, 2015 (3:30PM – 4:15PM)
A birthday themed Storytime for Parklands Library which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this week, and for our favourite cat Slinky Malinky who turns 25 this year! For ages 3-7yrs.

3D Printer Taster

Thursday, August 6, 2015 (3:30PM – 5:00PM)
Calling all 3D tinkerers! Check out a 3D printer in action at Parklands library with a live demonstration and find out how you can start creating your own 3D designs using free software.

Family Fun Day

Saturday, August 8, 2015 (11:00AM – 3:00PM)

Live music and storytelling – a day for the whole family.

Better than Bacon – Live Music (11:00am-11:45am)
These young local rockers took Parklands by storm during May Music Month and now they’re back to help us celebrate our birthday! All ages

Tales with Tania – Story-telling (1:00pm – 1:30pm)
Stories, rhymes and music from our very own story-telling superstar Tania! Ages 3-5yrs

New Brighton Ukulele Pirates – Live Music (2:00pm-2:45pm)
Shiver yer timbers, these ukulele playing pirates will have the whole family singing and dancing with original pirate tunes and well-known classics. All ages – bring your ukulele!

There are also the usual Parklands activities, crochet, Science Alive, storytimes and more. Parklands is a lovely library with friendly staff, so if you haven’t been in – come and visit!

Sheep at Parklands Library

Sheep at Parklands Library. Art by Sally Blake and Knitting Ninjas. Flickr 2015-07-29-IMG_8422

Parklands Library

Parklands Library. Flickr 2015-07-29-IMG_8415

Kia ora Christchurch City Libraries’ customers!

If you think our libraries are pretty busy when you visit, you’re right.
Here’s some hot-off-the-press statistics from the 2014/15 business year:

  • 4.46 million items were issued
  • 3.7 million people visited
  • Just under 870,000 enquiries were answered
  • Over 105,000 programme attendances
  • 6.45 million website visits
  • 1.65 million digital content transactions


What makes us really smile is this quote from a happy customer who completed the recent Libraries Customer Satisfaction Survey :

My library card is one of my most valuable possessions. Having access to a library means I always have a source of information, entertainment and sanctuary. I am rich indeed.

Kia ora to all our customers, and if you haven’t gone to the LibrarySide yet – come along, we’d love to you to join us.