People in Harmony: Diversity Forum 2011

book coverThe New Zealand Diversity Forum is a unique national convention, now in its seventh year, at which people involved in race relations, human rights and cultural diversity come together to share ideas and good practice.

The theme this year was ‘People in harmony’ which was also the theme for Race Relations Day. You can view some of these presentations on slideshare.

Two new books were launched this year:

A  highlight for the event was seeing Deaf Aotearoa receive an award for their work in producing  a National Anthem DVD featuring all three of our official languages.

book coverHere are some suggestions on how to keep up-to-date with what’s happening in the diversity arena in Aotearoa:

  • Join the mailing list of the Human Rights Commission to receive their newsletters. You can choose from 9 different titles – some relate specifically to the Diversity Action Programme and race relations, while the others deal with disability, transgender and Treaty issues
  • Follow @nzdiversity on Twitter
  • Like the Diversity Action Programme on Facebook
  • Subscribe to the RSS feed of news from the Human Rights Commission

Find out more about the  library’s diversity resources: