Happy birthday to you

“Happy Birthday!” is a phrase you might hear a wee bit more often today – 30th September is the day that most New Zealanders celebrate their birthday. According to Statistics NZ, the birthdays of about 14,200 people in New Zealand fall on this day – even if your birthday doesn’t fall on this day you can see where your birthday is ranked.

Since many of us have birthdays around this time of year – the 10 most common birthdays all appear in the 10-day period from 22 September to 1 October – it’s appropriate to tell you  how Christchurch City Libraries can help make a birthday a special one.

Happy birthday

Looking for some inspiration? Libraries offer a great range of resources to make the birthday of a loved one special. On offer is a wonderful range of books on birthday related topics such as party games, card making, gift ideas/projects and birthday cake decorating.

An eBook reader makes a fantastic gift for any occasion. Having one opens up access to a massive collection of eBooks that are free to download from the library (however be aware that the Kindle is not compatible with library eBook providers). The library also offers support in getting started with your eBook reader. An iPad or tablet can take this to a new level – these allow you to download not just eBooks but also services such as PressReader (newspapers and magazines) and eAudiobooks from the library.

Giving someone a framed family tree chart can make a superb gift – Central Library Manchester is where you will find the Family History Centre and staff are available to help you research ancestors.

Another unique gift idea that seems to have taken hold in recent years involves printing the front page of The Press newspaper on the day the said person was born. The page can then be enlarged and laminated and given to the person on the big day. The Press newspaper archive is located at Central Library Manchester.