Things to do on Saturday 11 August: Stories, markets and art

On Saturday 11 August, New Zealand will be doing a Margaret Mahy nationwide read. The storytimes will take place at 11am. Come along and listen to librarians read Margaret’s stories at:

In Barbadoes Street the Christchurch Youth Market will be launched. You can check out the stalls, be entertained, and also have a look at the new 298 Youth Health Centre in the Barbadoes Youth Hub.

Wander down then to the NG Gallery on Madras Street, recently home to Michael Parekowhai’s Steinway and Bulls. Now it is hosting Christchurch Art Gallery’s Out of Place:

Tilting a panoramic view until it dissolves, constructing furnishings with which to tackle the new normal, turning a room inside out and revealing a city that is reinventing itself before our eyes – four artists start with structure and examine what is possible when the rules no longer apply. Featuring works by Katharina Jaeger, Chris Pole, Tim J. Veling and Charlotte Watson.

Your Saturday could be sorted.

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