When Press Display misbehaves

Press Display is one of our most popular electronic resources. Thousands of people access it to see their favourite local and international newspapers online.  Sometimes we have had people complain that there has been a delay before they could find The Press on Press Display.

Unfortunately this is not something the library has control over. Fairfax Newspapers in New Zealand must send their digital files to Newspaper Direct in Vancouver Canada to be loaded and displayed. Very occasionally they seem to be late. It seems delays on a Saturday are more common with The Press not showing up until lunch time.

All we can do is advise you to check back later in the day. In saying that there are over a thousand other newspapers to be read on Press Display. Maybe over your weetbix you could see how things are going  in Yorkshire, Cairo or Moscow? Granted this is not going to help you find out what day the Ballantyne’s sale is on but it does make breakfast a wee bit more exotic!