World Book: where you go to find oddities to make you look smart

Odd fact one:
In England and Scotland, where bogs are also called heaths, outcasts of society were banished to remote boggy regions hundreds of years ago. This gave rise to unflattering terms still used today – bogeyman and heathen.

Odd fact two:
Aside from science, J. Robert Oppenheimer, who has often been called “the father of the atomic bomb”, had the amazing ability to learn languages quickly and completely. He once learned Dutch in just six weeks so he could give a technical talk in the Netherlands. (Show off!!)

Odd fact three:
Deathwatch is a name given to several kinds of small brownish beetles that communicate by knocking their heads against wood. This odd action produces a peculiar ticking or rapping sound. Superstitious people believe that the rapping, heard in the quiet of the night, foretells death in the house.

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