Tumblebooks: children’s stories and then some

When I was a kid, I was told by my parents to go outside and play and be home by dark. They may debate this now but it is true! These days life seems to be more constricted for kids who lead lives closer to home and increasingly in front of a screen. I guess like everything in life, moderation and quality is the key. If your kids love their online activities then make sure they are using the free and safe resources that Christchurch City Libraries has to offer such as Intrepica or TumbleBooks which offers:

  • Story Books: old and new favourites with added animation, sound, music and narration. Sit back and listen or read along at your own speed to these entertaining picture books;
  • Videos: Cover topics such as science, animals and geography;
  • TumblePuzzles and Games: online puzzles, concentration games and spelling games;
  • Language Learning: a growing selection of bilingual books in mainly French and  Spanish;
  • iPad books: many of your favourite TumbleBooks accessible on your iPads, iPhone 4s, and 4th generation iPod Touches;
  • Read alongs: books that combine adjustable text and color with complete narration and sentence by sentence highlighting;
  • NonFiction books: “Animals in Camouflage” , “Who Likes The Rain?” and “Meet The Meerkat”.

You can access Tumblebooks through the Source with your library card number and PIN. While there have a look round and see what else is on offer. We are here to service your educational and recreational needs –  even when it is dark outside!

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