First night in Lyttelton, 1850

Settlers arrive off the boat at Lyttelton. There isn’t room in the Lyttelton barracks for everyone to sleep. It is an exceedingly hot summer, so families camp out amongst the high fern and long grass.

I love this excerpt from Stray Leaves from the early history of Canterbury by George R. Hart, 1889.

60 glorious years of binding

Don Hampshire and the bindery guillotineIf our dear Queen can have a Diamond Jubilee, so can the Christchurch City Libraries Bindery. There won’t be a fly past 0r a parade with  souvenirs but there will be a jolly morning tea and lots of happy memories shared.

The Bindery maintains our libraries’  hard working book stock. It also provides skilled restoration and repair services which are much in demand these days following the ravages of the earthquakes. Repairing broken spines, replacing endpapers, re-hand sewing  and replacing and repairing damaged covers – it’s all part of the bindery repertoire.

Over the years the Bindery has turned its hand to special projects ranging from a memorial book on the death of Princess Diana, to book costumes worn by the New Brighton library team in the annual Christmas parade.

Book binding is one of those ancient crafts that attracts amateurs and professionals alike. In Christchurch, many enthusiastic book binders took lessons from Don Hampshire who was a long serving head of the Bindery. Our library collection has an excellent range of books on the topic and the related topic of book craft.

Before dancers were stars: Picturing Canterbury

Before dancers were stars

Before dancers were stars [1980]