Spend your weekend with the K-Culture Festival!

Have you ever been curious about Korean culture and cuisine? Are you free this Saturday? Then the K-Culture Festival is just for you. This year it will be held at the Cardboard Cathedral between 11am and 2 pm on Saturday 14th of November.

K-Culture FestivalThe K-Culture Festival (Korean Day) is held annually in Christchurch, showcasing the essence of Korean culture and heritage. The Korean Society of Christchurch is promoting this year’s K-Culture Festival in order to foster cultural diversity and to strengthen the bond between the different cultures within the Christchurch community.

There will be a variety of performances on display, including traditional Korean dance and Pansori (Korean opera) performed by the International Korean youth performance group as a special guest all the way from Korea.

There will also be a special K-Pop competition showdown held for the remaining final 8 teams. Watch the Hanbok (Korean traditional dress) fashion show as you eat a variety of delicious Korean food. Experience the beauty and rich culture of traditional Korea through your very eyes, right here in Christchurch

The K-Culture festival will be an experience you will never forget. Step out of your front door and step into the new and exciting world of Korea.

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