NaNoWriMo one week on

NaNoWriMo word countIt’s over a week since I started writing this year’s NaNoWriMo, and it’s been rough going. Since my plot has veered markedly off-plan I’ve been frantically trying to keep one step ahead of my typing, but often my brain is slow in coming up with ideas. And the plot holes! My god, the plot holes are so large I could fly a spaceship through them.

One way I attempt to inspire myself into writing is to read books with the same kind of tone that I’m trying to achieve. Since my initial idea involved gothic adventure this has meant a lot of Daphne du Maurier, Shirley Jackson, and Henry James. I might re-read Northanger Abbey next to add some humour.

If you’re also writing this month, what have you been reading? Or are you all novel all the time?

Cover of Northanger Abbey Cover of Don't Look Now and Other Stories Cover of The Haunting of Hill House Cover of The Turn of the Screw

Spend your weekend with the K-Culture Festival!

Have you ever been curious about Korean culture and cuisine? Are you free this Saturday? Then the K-Culture Festival is just for you. This year it will be held at the Cardboard Cathedral between 11am and 2 pm on Saturday 14th of November.

K-Culture FestivalThe K-Culture Festival (Korean Day) is held annually in Christchurch, showcasing the essence of Korean culture and heritage. The Korean Society of Christchurch is promoting this year’s K-Culture Festival in order to foster cultural diversity and to strengthen the bond between the different cultures within the Christchurch community.

There will be a variety of performances on display, including traditional Korean dance and Pansori (Korean opera) performed by the International Korean youth performance group as a special guest all the way from Korea.

There will also be a special K-Pop competition showdown held for the remaining final 8 teams. Watch the Hanbok (Korean traditional dress) fashion show as you eat a variety of delicious Korean food. Experience the beauty and rich culture of traditional Korea through your very eyes, right here in Christchurch

The K-Culture festival will be an experience you will never forget. Step out of your front door and step into the new and exciting world of Korea.