There is nothing new under the sun … Word.

LogoMy Mum is a fine one for idioms and phrases. When I was heart-broken it was “there are plenty more fish in the sea” and when I was being smart it was “pride goeth before the fall”. I find myself saying these same phrases now and again and feeling terribly wise and knowing. Like I should own a pipe or robes like Gandalf the wizard?

Recently the Oxford English Dictionary  entered “twerking” into its dictionary. They found it was originally used in 1820 when referring to a “twisting or jerking movement”. So although Beyonce and Miley may have brought it mainstream, I can safely recline back in my leather chair and declare to anyone who would listen that “twerking” is “as old as the hills”.

Another word that has recently entered the OED is e-cigarette so maybe I can puff away on one of those in lieu of a wizard’s pipe? That would not really have the same gravitas though would it? I would be “barking up the wrong tree” trying to emulate Gandalf with one of those! What idioms do you use? Where did you pick them up from? A penny for your thoughts?

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