Archie’s Big Day Out at the NRG + Great Dog Walk

 Saturday 4th October

I jumped out of bed, come on Mummy let’s go!

We were going to the NRG + Great Dog Walk at Roto Kohatu Lakes (part of The Breeze Walking Festival). I couldn’t wait to get there and meet all the other dogs and people taking part.

The NRG + Great Dog Walk

So I dragged Mummy to the car, in my car seat and off we go. I have never been to Roto Kohatu Lakes before, it was really beautiful, and there were heaps of other dogs and people to say hello to.

But Mummy said we had to put in our registration form first! Then I could meet the other dogs and people. I was so excited I didn’t know who to meet first. I met a Great Dane; he was so tall I couldn’t even reach his nose! There were Chihuahuas, they were even smaller than me. Tall greyhounds who thought I looked funny; they even got a little bit scared of tiny me! There were so many dogs! Old dogs, puppies, big dogs, little dogs, fluffy dogs, shiny dogs, tall dogs, short dogs, noisy dogs, hairy dogs! I have never met so many different dogs, it was great!

Mummy had a look around the information stalls, some had toys and food, I liked those ones best.

It was time to start the walk, we all lined up eagerly, Mummy said we would probably do the 3km walk, as I only have little legs. But I was enjoying myself so much, I kept pulling her, please, please let’s keep going. So we did the whole 5km walk.

It was the best walk ever, I got to walk in long grass, on tracks, by fields and streams, and drink out of a creek. I even saw horses for the first time; they are really big and fast. Lots of dogs walked past us with their long legs, but it was great saying hi to them all. When we finished we were given a bag FULL of goodies, including dog rolls and treats I couldn’t wait to try them. I can’t wait for Mummy to bring me back for another walk.

When I got back to the car I went straight to sleep, I was so tired.

But I can’t wait to go back next year; I hope more doggies will join me.

Tania Cook
Off-Site Delivery Team

The NRG + Great Dog Walk