Deep Freeze open day, Harewood : Picturing Canterbury

In 1955 the Douglas C-54 Skymaster was the first freighter to make regular flights to the McMurdo Ice Runway. In 1958 the VX-6 Deep Freeze Squadron was formed and this aircraft O-272569 was one of two Skymasters allocated. David O’Malley, Kete Christchurch. CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 NZ

View more images on Kete Christchurch and visit the open day this weekend.

Canterbury 100 and more WW100 events

Canterbury Stories poster [717KB PDF]
Canterbury Stories poster [717KB PDF]
It is a hundred years since The First World War began. There are some WW100 events in Christchurch soon – bring along your photos and artefacts to Canterbury 100; discover the Berry Boys; and find the history of your own First World War soldier.

Canterbury Stories – Sunday 12 October

Discover and Share your First World War Stories

On Sunday 12 October 2014, at the Airforce Museum in Wigram, the Canterbury 100 Team will be on hand to help guide you in finding out more about your First World War past.

Bring in your Great War treasures and meet with experts from across the country who can identify them.

Visit the new Canterbury Stories exhibition and discover more about Canterbury’s part in the First World War. Tell us your family story and it could be added to the exhibition.

Canterbury 100 is a collaborative project, co–ordinated by the region’s major cultural and heritage institutions, telling the story and experiences of Canterbury people during the First World War.

Holding on to home [2.98MB PDF]
Holding on to home [2.98MB PDF]

Holding onto home – Friday 17 October

The First World War seeped and stormed into every aspect of New Zealander’s lives. The things that survived – a crumpled theatre ticket, a knitting pattern, a crucifix made from rifle cartridges – bring this distant event back into our hands today.

Join Te Papa history curator, Kirstie Ross, as she talks about the importance of things in maintaining individual, family and local identities during a conflict that was global and globalising.

Her talk will focus on some of the stories featured in her new book, Holding on to Home, co-authored with social historian Kate Hunter.

  • Friday 17 October
  • 6pm – 7pm
  • Canterbury Museum
The Berry Boys Project [2.5MB PDF]
The Berry Boys Project [2.5MB PDF]

The Berry Boys Project – Saturday 18 October

Since 2011, Te Papa’s history curator, along with university interns, volunteers, genealogists and members of the public, have been on the trail of the identities are 120 First World War soldiers who were photographed at the Wellington studios of Berry & Co, prior to their departure for war.

Join Te Papa history curator, Kirstie Ross, as she shares about the detective work undertaken to reveal the identities of more than 90 of Te Papa’s ‘Berry Boys’.

  • Saturday 18 October, 2pm – 3pm
  • Christchurch South Library, Sydenham Room
  • Bookings essential. To RSVP please phone 941 5140. You are invited to provide a gold coin donation.

Finding my First World War soldier – Saturday 18 October

Finding my First World War soldier [2.4MB PDF]
Finding my First World War soldier [2.4MB PDF]
Searching for New Zealand biographical and service details during the First World War

Join a workshop with Christchurch City Libraries staff, who will introduce a range of New Zealand digital resources that will help you unravel the mysteries of your First World War photographs and official records.

This is an introductory session for those just beginning to research their family war history. Follow-up workshops or support may also be offered to interested participants.

  • Saturday 18 October 3pm – 4pm
  • Christchurch South Library, South Learning Centre Computer Lab
  • Bookings essential. To RSVP please phone 941 5140.

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