Holiday reading recommendations for the famous

Every year Grattan Institute releases a summer reading list for the Prime Minister. It recommends books and articles that the Prime Minister, or any Australian interested in public debate, will find both stimulating and cracking good reads.

I read this and thought the library could help other well-known people choose good holiday reading.

Cover Cover Cover Cover Cover

The Queen

The Complete Guide to Practically Perfect Grandparenting.  With the arrival of Charlotte she is certainly going to have her hands full, ideas for crafts and fun activities.

I know I am Rude But its Fun: The Royals and the Rest of Us as Seen by Prince Philip Just so she can really see what that husband of hers is up to.

Cover Cover

The Kardashians

Natural Beauty Solution.  Well it’s worth a try?

Celebrity: How Entertainers took over the world and why we need an exit strategy. An attack on stars who abuse their fame – take note.

Reality Bites Back 

Pozner exposes the commercial and political agendas behind the genre, revealing how the shows negatively impact women, people of color, and future generations.

Cover Cover Cover

Donald Trump

Politics in Minutes: 200 key concepts explained in an instant.  Simple, concise easy to read.  Maybe it will help…

CoverLearning to be kind and Understand Differences. Empathy skills for kids with ADHD.  Geared for children, but still…?

When you build your empathy skills you will get along better with other people – and feel good about yourself, too!

John Key (The Prime Minister)

Captive Paradise: A History of Hawaii.  Just some light reading for the holiday

Hair Romance: How to create 82 Fabulous Hairstyles.  The pictures are nice.


Richie McCaw

How to Retire Happy Wild and Free.  Retirement is not all about financial freedom, here are some ideas for creative pursuits and physical and mental wellbeing. Good luck!

Born to fly

Cover Cover

And for those who want to know what libraries do for their communities …

CoverPublic Libraries and Resilient Cities  Just to reinforce what you already know!

Public libraries are keystone public institutions for any thriving community, and as such can be leaders in making cities better places to work, play, and live. Here, Dudley shows how public libraries can contribute to ‘placemaking’, or the creation and nurturing of vital and unique communities for their residents.

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