Manly crafts

Does craftingSearch catalogue seems synonymous with women, or am I jaundiced by the amount of knitting/crochet/beading/embroidery/cross-stitch books that I select for the library? Not that I am complaining, as I do love all these books, but every now and then I get a plaintive cry from a male library user – “Where are the crafting books for men?”

With all the hundreds – and possibly thousands – of craft books that are published each year I see very few designed specifically for men, but even as I am writing this I’m thinking “What is men’s craft?”

Is it woodworking or woodturning, making wooden toys, crafting things out of metal, or leather, or making gadgets … Plenty of craft is also genderless such as jewellery making, pottery, or perhaps floristry, and apparently plenty of men knit.

Search catalogueMaybe when we think of men, it’s more along the lines of hobbies –building, models, creating things for the backyard, furniture making or garden adornment?

Do men craft to create things that are useful, as opposed to women’s craft which is more about making life more attractive?   These are big questions!

If men have UFOs I suspect they take up a bit more room than my knitting or unfinished embroidery, perhaps the shed is essential then, or at least the building of it could keep a man happily occupied for a long while?

5 thoughts on “Manly crafts

  1. keenanj 18 July 2013 / 2:31 pm

    Just noticed a new pamphlet advertising MENZ Sheds Canterbury. Bringing “men together in one community space to share their skills, have a laugh, and work on practical projects”. phone 06 3659000.

  2. Marion 18 July 2013 / 4:53 pm

    I’ve just blogged about knitting which has a manly history but not so much these days

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