In a haze of purple and wisdom – growing old with spirit

coverAging – its something we can’t avoid and something in these image obsessed times that many people fear. Whatever may be happening to our unreliable physical bodies we can still view aging with a positive mental attitude. I’m sure many of us have met amazing older people whose attitude to life fills their days with a positive glow.

New Zealand author Juliet Batten has just published a book about called Spirited Ageing. She has the baby boomers firmly in her sights as she gives a spiritual perspective to the many issues of  aging.

A quick trawl through our catalogue reveals a range of books on the topic of aging. The humour category in particular is quite large and authors seem happy to fend of the dooms of age with such titles as Gravity sucks, Growing your own turtleneck and other benefits of aging and You’re only young twice by Quentin Blake which as you’d expect has funny pictures.

A more measured approach comes from writers with titles like The warmth of the heart prevents your body from rusting, The third chapter; passion, risk and adventure in the 25 years after 50 and Wise up; how to be fearless and fulfilled in mid-life.

New Zealand poet Kevin Ireland has written an essay On getting old and it is just one of the titles we have on the social aspects of aging.

Something for everyone whether you are defiantly wearing purple , joining the red hat society  or hanging out with the blokes at a men’s shed.

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Some picks from our July Thrillers and Suspense newsletter, including the latest by Stephen King and the third novel about Auckland detective Sean Devereaux, by young NZ author Ben Sanders:

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