World Refugee Day – 20 June

World Refugee Day is 20th June.

Cover of Krystyna's story“Most of the world’s refugees – 86 per cent — live in the developing world, compared to 70 per cent 10 years ago. Most of these countries have kept their doors open to people in search of safety, and have shown a generosity that is often well beyond their means. I appeal to all Member States and our partners in civil society to do their utmost to support the nations and communities that have welcomed the forcibly displaced into their midst..”

Ban Ki-moon

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Red Cross Refugee Services Helping empower people from refugee backgrounds to achieve their goals and contribute to their new home in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Christchurch Resettlement Services exists to support people from refugee and migrant backrounds living in Christchurch to settle successfully in New Zealand by providing a range of professional services that build on strengths to promote wellbeing and resilience.

Family Services refugee and migrant networks provides links to groups around New Zealand.

From a blog to a vlog to a book!

The popularity of blogs becoming books has now moved to YouTube postings becoming books. If I was going to write a book about say “A day in the life of a librarian” (sure to be a bestseller),  I would do a series of You Tube posts or write a blog. It seems to be a surefire way of being noticed. Although how many people would be interested in my day is debatable?

There is now a publishing company – Keyword Press, that is solely involved in this medium.

Keywords Press is the first book publishing imprint specifically created for online video stars and their fans. Launched in 2014 in partnership with United Talent Agency, Keywords Press publishes cross-generational titles by the biggest and brightest online talents today.

This area of publishing is still developing but the library has bought some of these titles, and they are proving popular.

Cover of Grace's guide Cover of Lizzie Bennet Cover of A work in progess

3D Printing – School Horizons Programme

Want to know more about 3D printing? How you can create something then 3D print your own design?

Well that’s exactly what Cashmere Primary School students did when they came to the South Learning Centre as part of the School Horizons programme. The students became product designers, who discussed target markets, design specifics & prototypes. They created keyrings, helicopters and slide whistles in 123D design programme them 3D printed them. Once printed prototypes were evaluated critically and adaptations were documented.

There was lots of laughter, fun and learning!

In our Learning Centre, students experience eLearning programmes aligned with the New Zealand curriculum document. These programmes provide learning in a technology-rich environment, and the teaching keeps abreast with the latest teaching philosophies and strategies.

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