Trends in publishing are in a continual flux and cookery is a prime example of how quickly tastes can change.

Noticeable trends at the moment are for all things baking and often goes hand in hand with vintage. See Vintage Cakes: Tremendously Good Cakes for Sharing and Giving

Cover of Find it, Eat it  Cover of Vintage cakes  Cover of Offal the fifth quarter

Organic is still popular but now we have the added thrill of foraging and sourcing local food Find it, eat it : cooking foraged food gathered around New Zealand

Sugar is a no-no, The guilt-free gourmet : indulgent recipes without sugar, wheat, or dairy but struggles when it is associated with baking or vintage.

Cover of The food policeI have also rather frighteningly noticed upsurge in the use of offal: Offal: The Fifth quarter.

How to make you own cheese and bread is still hot, and is now expanding into other areas as well. Food DIY: How to Make your Own Everything: Sausages to Smoked Salmon, Sourdough to Sloe Gin, Bacon to Buns and you could also do a bit of backyard butchering if you are so inclined: The Ultimate guide to home butchering.

As with all trends there is often a backlash. The Food Police: A well-fed manifesto about the politics on your plate proclaims that organic food is not necessarily healthier or tastier, that genetically modified food has not sickened a single person and that fascist food snobbery and the food elite are doing more damage than good!

You aren’t what you eat is less belligerent but is no less concerned with our obsession with food, celebrity culture and our loss of basic instincts. The author suggests that we “throw away the colour supplements and open a can of beans”.

Homeward bound: why women are embracing the new domesticity has a chapter titled “Cupcake feminists, hipster jam canners, and “femivores”: the rise of the DIY food culture” and looks at how this movement has brought together the strange bedfellows of liberals, conservatives, atheists, evangelicals, rural poor and urban rich.

It was a book just waiting to be written and I have been debating for a while if all of this homemade renaissance is a good or bad thing for women.

Read it for yourself and find out!