Humans need not apply

Cover of I robotI have been watching Humans – a TV programme where humanlike robots are commonplace, they do the menial jobs, don’t answer back and are pretty handy to have about, that is until some start to display human characteristics.  All very far -fetched – or is it?

Ever since Isaac Asimov wrote I, Robot in 1954 we have had a fascination with robots and their possible effect on the human race.  Can they liberate us, or take over the world?

How to survive a robot uprising : tips on defending yourself against the coming rebellion and Rad robots : a celebration of awesome automatons : the mad, bad and dangerous to know could be just the books if you are feeling a tad anxious and want to be prepared!

Science Fiction stories have had a uncany ability to predict the future. Test tube babies, virtual reality, genetically engineered food have all featured in SF only to become commonplace. The science in science fiction : 83 SF predictions that became scientific reality makes fascinating reading.

How to survive a robot uprising Cover of Rad robots Cover of The science in science fiction Cover of Machines of loving grace Cover of Robot futures

Here are some more titles that you might want to read to keep up with the constant new developments:


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