Piping in the New Year

Piping in the new year

New Year’s Eve 1960

John William Bettridge (1899-1960) and his son Llewallyn (Allyn) Bettridge about to go visiting local pubs to collect donations for the Christchurch Metropolitan Pipe Band. This photograph was taken at the home of John and Minnie Bettridge at 91 Burwood Road (the house has since been demolished and the section redeveloped). The two little girls in front are John’s grand-daughters Alyson and Leonie Miller who had come down from Auckland to spend the summer holidays with their grandparents.

From Christchurch City Libraries collection.

Collated for Heritage Week 2010. See other Heritage Week 2010 photos

Trim down this Summer

Summer’s here. It’s time to get out and enjoy the good weather. Maybe you’re a little worried how you’ll look in your lighter clothes or still feel sluggish after winter.

Try eating better to lose weight and get fit.

Join a dance class.

Get stuck into the garden.

Whatever you do this Summer, get out in it. Every little bit of exercise helps even just playing with the kids or the dog, but most of all – enjoy!

Christchurch – this week in history (31 December – 6 January)

1 January 1908
Shackleton expedition sails for Antarctica in “Nimrod”. A crowd estimated as high as 50,000 watched the departure – probably the largest in Lyttelton’s history.

4 January 1876
First meeting of the Christchurch Drainage Board.

Members of the Christchurch Drainage Board and visitors present at the opening of the septic tank, Bromley sewage farm [4 Sept. 1905]
5 January 1940
First echelon of Canterbury troops for World War II leave Lyttelton on “Dunera” and “Sobieski”.

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