Biography and Memoir: picks from our latest newsletter

Some picks from our December Biography and Memoir newsletter:

Cover: Total RecallCover: Mao The Real StoryCover: Dreaming in ColourCover: Country Girl Cover: Operation SnowCover: 100% Official Justin BieberCover: Air Kiss & TellCover: Agent GarboCover: The Open SideCover: Michael Morpurgo War Child to War HorseCover: The Company We KeepCover: Il Duce and His WomenCover: Leonardo and the Last SupperCover: The Wolf and the WatchmanCover: Operation Mincemeat

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All I want for Christmas

I already have two front teeth, so next on my list of Christmas requests has got to be a whole bunch of book and movie treats.  Admittedly a lot of these are wishful thinking, but hey, you never know …

  • The Twelve – the sequel to Justin Cronin’s giant 2011 bestseller The Passage. I’ve made it all the way to Number 1 on the holds list, but it’s such a huge book, I still think that maybe it won’t arrive in time for the post-Christmas lie-down reading session I have planned.
  • Homeland season 1 – managed to miss this on TV somehow, and I just KNOW I’m going to love it.
  • John Dies at the End – the movie. The book was one of my top picks last year, (and the sequel is very close to the top of this year’s Best Of list). Seems like I’ve been watching movie trailers for this one for aaages, but apparently a DVD release isn’t too far off, even if we miss out on a theatre release.
  • The final of Dean Koontz’s Christopher Snow series. This one is but a distant dream, I think, but I live in hope. Fear Nothing and Seize the Night are my two favourite Koontz books, but it seems I am alone over here – everyone else loves Odd Thomas, and it’s Odd who keeps getting the sequels. Sigh.
  • Tickets to see The Hobbit.  Hmm. Should I be afraid?
  • The latest books by Jim Butcher, Simon Green (either the Nightside or the Drood series, I’m not fussy), and Preston & Child.
  • Anything new by Neil, China, Nick, Lee or Tom

And finally,

  • A surprise!  You know, one of those books that you somehow stumble across and pick up with no expectations at all, and then end up absolutely besotted with.  These are, of course, the hardest ones to find, because you have to have a) no expectations, b) no plan, and c) no helpful pre-loaded recommendations from friends.  I reckon this would be the best Christmas present ever.  (Just so you know …)