Memories are made of this

London Street demolitionsWe’ve all got our favourite memories of the music venues of our youth, some of which will now sadly remain just a memory, forever. My favourite venues both reside in Lyttelton.

The Harbourlight, now deceased, has always exerted a particular charm for me, perhaps because of its similarity to those smoky jazz venues seen so often in American films. It had a bit of Casablanca about it, a sense of being one of those places on the wrong side of town. Down at heel, off beat, comfortable, relaxed and small enough to create an intimate connection between audience and performer, it was a place to let your hair down and really enter into the spirit of the music. Like many others, my greatest hope is that it can rebuilt and that special atmosphere re-created.

The Wunderbar, which was reopened just recently, is a treasure in its own right. It’s crazy décor of kiwi kitsch must surely be unique. It’s sometimes also slightly wild collection of performers, makes it the most truly eccentric venue I have ever encountered. Like the Harbourlight it has an atmosphere all of its own, one conducive to just having a darn good time. Long may it live.

What are your favourite Christchurch venues and do you know what has happened to them?