Three Weeks in a Comfy Chair

Having recently spent 3 weeks off work after surgery, I have a new respect for the Christchurch City Libraries DVD collection.

Knowing before I left work that I would be unable to do much except sit in my chair, boosted by cushions to enable me to get up gingerly, making me feel several decades older than I am, I had maxed out my card with DVDs from the collection.

I’d stagger around to get my bowl of cereal in the morning, get phones, drinks, remotes all in easy reach and settle in for the day’s viewing. My daily exertion was to get up and change the dvds every couple of hours – yes, sad I know. From the complete first seasons of  classic TV series’ Upstairs Downstairs and I Claudius, I moved to dramas including Love and Other Impossible Pursuits, and Rom Coms such as Then She Found Me and Under the Tuscan Sun. Onwards I went to Grand Designs to remind me why I never want to build my own house, and stopped to dip into some classics, such as  The Good the Bad and the Ugly and The Long Hot Summer. This last one has sizzling performances from Paul Newman, Joanna Woodward and Orson Wells, and was one of the highlights of my enforced downtime viewing.

Many have their roots in books, which depending on your preference could be read before or after the movie is viewed.

I also revisited others I’d seen in the theatre and enjoyed, such as Appaloosa and Across the Universe.  The stars of the big and small screen certainly kept me from going completely mad from boredom, and the broad array of DVDs available in the library collection is certainly worth dipping into.

What are some of your favourite movies you’ve got from our collection?