Has winter made you ‘sturdy’?

I love my mother very much, but like many mothers she has this way with words that can floor you. Last time I was visiting her in my hometown of Invercargill she cast an appraising eye over me and commented “You are looking really healthy”. Healthy I asked? Yes she replied – “lovely and sturdy”. Now I know this is a form of compliment from my mother but sturdy for me is a large table that you could cower under in the advent of another decent aftershock!

I can confess that I may have taken the quake weight concept a little too far. You know the concept – I will eat that cream bun because the Alpine fault is next!

The fat lining my body is not going to save me – it will though clog my arteries and have me in an early grave. As my father would say – you are a long time scratching at the lid.

Here at Christchurch City Libraries, we have a multitude of  items that can help us lose weight and experience a healthier lifestyle – now that the days are longer and the days warmer. Our internet gateway introduces a huge amount of online information on health issues  while our BiblioCommons catalogue will find you numerous resources on weight loss, nutrition and exercise.

Put that cream bun down, my fellow sugar lovers and let’s get moving … tomorrow?