Driving with trucks

book coverI have to venture out on the roads from time to time for work and I’m finding the “new normal” is sharing the road space with lots of big scary trucks.

When they are parked and being loaded with rubble and silt it’s comforting that work is being done but then they lurch off onto city streets – another road user to share with.

There are several hundred trucks a day working in the CBD alone and the police are enforcing new speed and weight limits which is good to know. If  you are planning a route across the city (and who doesn’t check the map these days) the trucks heading to the landfill are going this way:

•    Madras Street (return Barbadoes Street)
•    Bealey Avenue
•    Whitmore Street
•    Hills Road
•    Akaroa Street
•    Marshlands Road
•    Prestons Road
•    Landfill Road

Other traffic management measures are under way – read more about them here. And just in case you are a  big truck fan – or have one in the family – Christchurch City Libraries has  some safe indoor viewing for truck enthusiasts of all ages.

Majestic Crossroads – Image of the week

Traffic at the intersection of High, Lichfield and Manchester Streets. 1962.

Traffic at the intersection of High, Lichfield and Manchester Streets

The Majestic Theatre is on the right and the Canterbury Building Society building in the centre, on the corner of High and Manchester Streets.

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