Decluttering – do you need help?

Cover imageDo you want to achieve the beautiful interiors as mentioned in an earlier post? Perhaps you need to declutter your house (and maybe your life) first.

If you need a gentle nudge in the right direction, and a good laugh to get you started, then I can recommend Lessons in letting go : confessions of a Hoarder. The author, Corinne Grant, was a regular contributor on the tv show Rove and I’m impressed that she laid bare her embarrassing hoarding secrets so publicly in this book.

Once you realise that you are not alone at filling your house with stuff that you don’t really need, then you could start to re-organize your house with the help of these titles :

Cover imageBecome the ultimate TradeMe junkie and make some money while decluttering your life with Trade Me Success Secrets. Just remember you’re there to sell, and not to buy more stuff to fill up your house.

If you are up for the ultimate decluttering challenge, you could take up the 100-thing challenge like Dave Bruno to pare down your belongings to 100 items.

Think you could pare down your life to that extreme?