Thomas Keneally – Storyteller

Thomas  Keneally took the plunge as a writer by sending his first novel to an English publishing firm whose address he got from the copyright page of a book. Publication was his salvation as he says here:

What has followed is a prolific writing career of novels and histories centred around a rich vein of stories. The people he writes about tell stories that make history and our lives a bit more explicable. He prefers writing novels where you can be “so intimately in the character” but he loves history too and his mantra is “If you tell the story of one you tell the story of all in the way imagination can get a purchase on”

A wicked laugh punctuates his stories. Talking of doing the schools session he said it was “very hard to be a hip geriatric” but there is always the miracle of well read kids. He clearly remembers what it was like to be a teenager. He lived in Homebush which for him was “the epicentre of Australian boredom”. He describes how he desperately wanted to “compete with the jocks and run with the nerds”.

Books were important  from an early age.   Libraries featured in his attempts to impress the girls. Hear it in his own words as he describes the Mitchell  Library

I think Thomas Keneally will go on telling stories till he dies and we are all the richer for it.

Win tickets to Armageddon Expo

Armageddon competition imageThe country’s biggest pop culture expo – Armageddon – is coming to the Christchurch Convention Centre this weekend. We’re giving away tickets to 12- to 18-year-old library members. Two double passes are up for grabs over on You could make a young person’s weekend by telling them about this competition – so pass it on!

The full calendar of events for the weekend is available on the Armageddon Expo website. You can also read our previous reports from Armageddon on The Pulse / Te Auaha.

Customers’ entries have to tell us the name of their favourite pop culture character or personality appearing at the Armageddon Expo and the question they’d most like to ask them. So who would you pick, and what would you ask?