Covering an event (or R tags US)

Getting under the covers
Getting under the covers

A team of people from Christchurch City Libraries are attending the Christchurch Writer’s Festival and will be blogging and taking photos and interviewing the authors and others. The photos we will post to our Flickr set.

I am interested in anyone else who may be blogging, or adding photos to Flickr and if we can connect it all via a tag at technorati or Flickr. I would suggest the tag CWF08 – but you might also want to use a more human friendly one like Christchurch Writers Festival

I have had a brief look around to see who may already have blogged the festival already, and will make suggestions to them that they do this tagging.

Mark Sarvas has mentioned his presence at the event, as has Rachael King in Not Another Bloody Blog!

One has to guess that Bookman Beattie will have something or things to say (rumour has it he wont be bringing his fabled scooter) – while Catherine has decided not to attend the blogging session but is elated about other things at the festival. and , while Lumiere are Hungry For Words

If you are using any other web2ish thingy tell us.