Summertime Reading Club is for the littlies too

Don’t forgot to drop in a great board or picture book into the picnic basket or backpack as you head to the park this summer. They are a great way to entertain and engage with your kids as you lounge in this glorious weather.

Reading a book with tamariki provides awesome opportunities to explore, laugh and build bonds that come from conspiring over the antics of Hairy Maclary or Spot the dog. Maggie and I are looking at cheeky bears, foxes and chicks in this board book at Upper Riccarton Library.

Christchurch City Libraries Summertime Reading Club – Kōrero pukapuka ā te wā o raumati this year is for newborns to teens, covering ages from zero to 13 year olds. Developing language, a curious wonder of the world and love of reading – all come from the books we share right from when our children are babies. Plus there are great prizes to be won!

We will be here at the library all summer, so pop on down and grab a great book. Don’t forget to let us know which books made your day.

If you want some ideas, our Holiday Reading lists are highlight the best books of 2017, including picture books.

소리질러!!! “수고하셨습니다. 행복 하세요”

Korean books
Korean books, Flickr Korean-Nov-2015-IMG_1490.jpg

12월입니다. 바빠지는 마음 한켠이 허한 이유는 왜일까요……. 그래도 스스로를 쓰다듬으며 위로해 봅니다.

아이들의 여름방학을 위해 도서관에서 준비한 행사를 소개 합니다.

Central Peterborough Library도서관에서12월 12일 2시에서 3시 까지Star Wars Day를 준비했습니다. 멋진 Star Wars 복장으로 참석해서 신나는 시간 보내세요. 누구나 참석 할 수 있습니다.

2015 Summertime Reading Club이 12월 18일 부터 시작됩니다. 16세 이하 모든 아이들이 대상이며, iPad가 0-6세, 7-12세, 그리고 13-16세 나이별 상품으로 걸려있습니다. 읽은 책으로 Adventure map을 완성해서 도서관으로 내년 1월 18일까지 가져오세요. 각 도서관 마다 다양한 방학 행사가 준비되어 있습니다.

Halswell preschoolers preview the Te Hāpua: Halswell Centre
Halswell preschoolers preview the Te Hāpua: Halswell Centre, Flickr CCLTeHāpua-2015-11-27-Halswell—08/22708371403

Haswell 도서관이 Te Hāpua Halswell Centre로 새로이 탄생한거 아시죠. 멋진 도서관과 수영장 그리고 카페….가족과 함께 방문해 보세요. Lyttelton 도서관이 지진 보수 공사로 인해 내년 2월 부터 11월까지 The Trinity Hall에 임시 도서관을 운영 됩니다. JP Clinic은 계속 됩니다. 연말 연시 도서관 휴무 시간표 꼭 확인하세요.

이달에 소개할 책들입니다.

Korean books
Korean books, Flickr Korean-Nov-2015-IMG_1487.jpg

문학과 지성사에서 펴낸 심상대 작가의 ‘나쁜봄’, Koea.com에서 나온 김성령의 ‘바이슬 시티’ Twilight를 재미 있게 읽으셨다면 주예은 작가의 ‘데미엔젤’을 시도해 보세요. 가족의 건강을 위한 ‘힘내라! 우리가족 가운나는 보양식’ 그리고 ‘엄마가 읽는 동의보감’. 여러분 모두의 건강을 위한 ‘천연식초를 알면 암은 없다’ 와 새로이 시작해 볼만한 건강 다이어트의 추천서 ‘로푸드 다이어트’. 우리 아이들을 제대로 알고, 함께하고 싶은 엄마 아빠를 위한 오은영 선생님의 ‘가르치고 싶은 엄마 놀고 싶은 아이’와 김영훈 박사님의 ‘빨라지는 사춘기’ 신인철 작가의 ‘가족과 1시간’을 소개합니다.

건강하게 2015년 마무리하시고, 나의 행복 바이러스, 만나는 모든 분들과 함께 나누며 활짝 웃어 볼까요. 소리 질러!!! “ 수고하셨습니다.  행복 하세요

Get ready for Summertime Reading Club

With only a couple of weeks left of school you can start thinking about how you want to spend your summer holidays.  It looks like it is going to be another hot summer, which means you’ll either want to be outside enjoying the sun or find somewhere cool. Reading is something you can do in all sorts of places; lazing in the sun at the beach, perched in a tree, beside (or in) the pool, or in a tent.  While you’re soaking up some rays and a good book you can also be participating in our Summertime Reading Club.Summertime reading club The Summertime Reading Club is our annual reading competition, that is open to anyone from 0 to 16 years who is a member of Christchurch City Libraries. This year the Summertime Reading Club challenges you to read for as many minutes as you can throughout the summer.

All you need to do is pick up a reading adventure map from your local library, keep track of how many minutes you read for each day of the competition, then bring it back to the library after Monday 18 January and get a librarian to enter you in to the draw. There are some really cool prizes this year, including iPads, books, pool passes and movie passes.

Summertime Reading Club runs from Friday 18 December until Monday 18 January. Check out our Summertime Reading Club page for more information.

We have heaps of suggestions for books that you could read over the summer holidays. Check out our kids’ booklists for ‘If you like’ suggestions.  We’ve also just released our 2015 Holiday Reading Guide which includes some of our favourite reads for kids and teens in 2015.

Spend Summer with friends

Cover of Meet the BigfeetSummer is the perfect time for hanging out with friends. This Summer you might hang out with old friends or make some new friends. Books are the perfect place for doing this. You might hang out with Greg Heffley, Percy Jackson, or Hermione Granger. I’ve made a new friend recently called Blizz Richards, from Kevin Sherry’s new book, Meet the Bigfeet (the first book in The Yeti Files series).

We can help you make new friends by introducing you to new books and authors. Try our ‘If you like…’ lists and our Holiday Reading Guide for some fantastic suggestions. You could also enter our Summertime Reading Club for your chance to win awesome prizes.

Here are a couple of cool videos that some talented guys from Yoobee Design School have created that feature some of your book friends.

Science Alive in the library

Christchurch City Libraries will be hosting lots of scientific fun this year. Working closely with Science Alive, ten of our libraries will  host  after school sessions.

In 2013 4000 children and adults attended these sessions which showcased fun activities like the amazing lightning ball (which literally made people’s hair stand on end) and making skeletons. Skilled presenters introduced children to the science behind these activities.

Science Alive is a not-for-profit trust is dedicated to promoting the value of science and technology to the public.

To find out where these free programmes are running this year check our Events calendar.  Something to look forward to later in the year are sessions showing children how to grow their own crystals (it’s the International Year of Crystallography).

This summer the trust  co-sponsored the Summertime Reading Adventure.  They also hosted 16 free sessions in libraries during January which were a roaring success. Nearly 400 kids of all ages enjoyed these.

In March our librarians will be heading out to the Under 5 Festival to tell stories as part of this Science Alive initiative to introduce preschoolers to science. Sounds like a lot of fun will be had.


Interactive poetry for summertime

Have you ever met a poet? We are hosting four sessions with children’s poet Greg O’Connell as part of our Summertime Reading Club. Children at Papanui and Linwood @ Eastgate libraries were delighted with the performances this week and there is still time for you to come to South Library at 11am or Shirley Library at 2pm on Monday 20 January for a free 30 minutes of original poetry and fun.

Image of Greg in performance

Originally from Oamaru, Greg has been a teacher and children’s librarian but has now branched out into visiting schools to perform his poetry and writing original poems for the School Journal. Some of his little fans were at the Papanui library session and they took great delight in hearing their favourite poems again.

The concerts are part of the Summertime Reading Club activities run by Christchurch City Libraries every year. Visit your local library or Paper Plus store to pick up a reading map for girls and boys aged between 5 and 12 years. There are exciting prizes to be won. See the Christchurch kids blog for more details. There is also a film competition for older children. Final date for entries for both competitions is 24 January.

The joys of the Summertime Reading Club

Summertime Reading Club winner Daniel with Mark of Paper PlusChristchurch kids have been busy over the hols with the Summertime Reading Club. Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all who entered for their great work. Have a look at photos of the prizegiving at Central Library Tuam on Friday 25 January 2013.

Summertime Reading Club

  • 1st prize Daniel Powley
  • 2nd prize Ashleigh-Jo Smith
  • 3rd prize Teighan Connolly

SCAPE colouring competition

SCAPE Colouring Competition - winners on display at Central Library Tuam

1st prize Arna Emslie

SCAPE Colouring Competition - 1st prize

2nd prize Jack Sheedy

SCAPE Colouring Competition - 2nd prize

3rd prize Alisha Warwick

SCAPE Colouring Competition - 3rd prize

Runner up Jessica Olds

SCAPE Colouring Competition - highly commended

Runner up Jason Yun

SCAPE Colouring Competition - highly commended

Runner up Oliver Wheeler

SCAPE Colouring Competition - highly commended

View photos of the SCAPE colouring competition.

Photography competition: Reading a book in your favourite summer place:

1st prize Angus Steve: New Brighton

Summertime Reading Club

2nd place: Hannah Warwick


3rd place: Amelia Kirkness


Highly commended: Arlia O’Sullivan


Highly commended: Katie Morison


Highly commended: Emma Rashbrook–Field


Time to get the kids outside

book coverDo you find your kids hang about inside even when the weather is fabulous?

Let’s get them inspired to play outdoors:

Kid’s say they’re bored of their books? Try searching a reading list for other authors that write stories like their favourites and they can join the Summertime Reading Club where they may win a prize!

Teens can check out The Pulse for what’s new and happening. Garden City SummerTimes is here and the World Buskers Festival is just around the corner so there’s no excuse for not getting out this summer!

Read and WIN with Summertime Reading Club!

My favourite time of the year to sit down and enjoy some really good books is when I’m on holiday.  You can read uninterupted for as long as you like and you get through heaps of book (or try to).  At the library we always like to encourage you to read as much as you can and these holidays we’re giving you some extra encouragement. If you’re under 12 years of age and you’ve been reading like crazy or even just taking it slow, you can tell us what you’ve been reading and go into the draw to win some awesome prizes.  We’re giving away pool passes, books, and a grand prize of an I-pod!  You only have to read 6 books to enter the draw but you can enter as many times as you like so get reading.  You can pick up a registration form from your local library or enter online here.

If you’re not sure of what to read we have some excellent resources on the library website to help you out:

Holiday Reading lists

Book Buzz – kids just like you telling us which books they love

‘If You Like…’ lists

– Check out the blog to see what we have reviewed