Advanced style

CoverI have a new author love – Ari Seth Cohen.  A 30-year-old male, based in New York who spends his life photographing older women (without the slightest hint of creepiness), and runs a blog called Advanced style.  Gathering over 100,000 unique visits a month, this blog has devotees of all ages wanting to find inspiration and confidence.

Cohen has this to say in an interview with the  New York Times:

In America, once you turn a certain age, you’re sort of forgotten, you’re sort of made to feel that you’re invisible … What I’m trying to do is give these women a voice and also show people that  your life doesn’t end at 50.

The women he photographs all have an ability to put something together that is about as far from the mainstream as you can get.  They mix, they match, they coordinate, they clash – they show a confidence and joy in their age and place in life that leaves me feeling grateful and in awe of their willingness to be themselves, wrinkles and all.

To add to his considerable charm Cohen  says that if he wasn’t doing this job his dream job would  be event-planning for elderly communities.   The man is a saint.

Here is a promo for his new documentary.

The library also has his book,  Advanced Style on order, due to arrive in May.

Hot hot hot off the shelf – stylish reads

Ah new books, catnip for librarians and library users alike. Here are some style new books for livening up a chilly day:

  • Taschen’s London – Taschen books are always a visual delight, with production values to die for and this is a spectacular example.  It contains: “the complete collection of Angelika Taschen’s sleeping, eating, and shopping recommendations …  Highlights include: Number Sixteen, a ‘South Kensington chic’ hotel in a beautiful Victorian townhouse set in a romantic garden; the Wolseley, a grand cafe and restaurant in a reconverted 1920s car showroom beautifully renovated by David Collins …”

Some more new makeup, fashion and body art titles:

All the beautiful people

The ultimate in scrumptious tittle-tattle and glamour photography, The World in Vogue: People Parties and Places could grace your coffee table for a short time at least. It has just hit the shelves at the Library.

There are 300 delicious photos of the most celebrated actors, artists, models and literati who have appeared in Vogue, snapped by the likes of Cecil Beaton and Annie Leibovitz.

I love the photos of the Gothic themed wedding of Dita Von Teese and Marilyn Manson. See the high priestess of glam and high drama in her Vivienne Westwood gown,”created from seventeen metres of Swiss silk faille in a dazzling shot violet, draped to swirl and eddy around her hand-span waist and milky bosom”. Such gorgeousness knows no bounds.

Vita’s beautiful riding hat can also be seen in Hats an Anthology by Stephen Jones.

You could even read it for the articles with Truman Capote as a feature writer. Or then again you just might like to ogle the “canine bride (who) wore a veil by designer Ruem Acra.”

What do you think of our compulsive obsessions about the beautiful people in the high end magazines of Vogue and Vanity Fair right down to all those tabloids at the low end?