Inglés a tu alcance con Christchurch City Libraries

Logo of Mango LanguagesEn Christchurch City Libraries puedes encontrar mucho más que libros… sabías que puedes aprender, o practicar,  inglés gratuitamente? Lo único que necesitas es pertenecer a la biblioteca!

Sacar una tarjeta es muy fácil, gratis y lleva tan sólo minutos. Y una vez que la tienes,  tienes acceso a infinidad de servicios; desde computadoras con internet y Wi-Fi gratuito hasta el uso y acceso a diferentes programas especializados y bases de datos, incluyendo Mango Languages, ya sea en la biblioteca o desde tu casa o tu dispositivo. Haz click aquí para descargar Mango Languages en el App Store o en Google Play.

Mango ESOL Spanish

Mango Languages es un programa innovador e interactivo por medio del cual puedes aprender o practicar tu inglés con diferentes actividades incluyendo películas. Mango es diferente porque no se enfoca en los fundamentos del idioma, sino mas bien la idea es que, en poco tiempo, puedas comunicarte en inglés en una manera correcta.

Sólo pregunta en cualquiera de las bibliotecas de Christchurch City Libraries y nuestro staff te ayudará con gusto.

Get ya geek on: Really useful resources for NCEA Spanish

Cover image of "Colours of Spain"Learning Spanish doesn’t have to be difficult – these resources will help you speak and understand the language like you were born in Spain … or Mexico … or any other Spanish-speaking country!

Want some more really useful resources for another NCEA subject? Go to The Pulse, the library’s website for teens.

Olé, olé y olé

Working at the Library I come across plenty of mouthwatering books on a daily basis. Even so, I like to visit the local bookstores every now and then; you never know what you might come across.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to the University Bookshop at the UC Campus and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that what is known as the Spanish gastronomic Bible in many households in Spain (including mine) has been translated into English.

And not only that, it comes with pictures of some dishes and illustrations by Javier Mariscal, both of which the Spanish edition lacks. I also noticed that some of the original recipes have been slightly altered to better match what is expected by English speaking readers.

Guess what? Back at work, I checked the Library Catalogue… we have 5 copies! The title of the book is 1080 Recipes by Simone and Ines Ortega and it has been a bestseller in Spain since it first came out in 1972.

In fact, whenever I have asked my grandma for any of her recipes she has just answered:

“Oh dear, I can’t remember right now, why don’t you look it up in Ortega’s book?”

The funny thing to me is that the main author, Simone Ortega, is French! That hasn’t stopped her from gathering the essence of most of the Spanish everyday dishes although she insists on canned peas for her paella (…!?).

If you are not feeling in the mood for Spanish food, how about Italian? The same publisher, Phaidon, has also translated to English the Italian bestseller for over 50 years, The Silver Spoon .

Ciao e buon appetito!