Music and movies

coverMovie soundtracks are a whole wonderful world of their own. Are you one of those movie fans who sits through the credits to study the details of the soundtrack? Do particular pieces of music evoke the movie instantly?

For me I think of :

  • Staying alive from Saturday Night Fever, and John Travolta sashaying down the street,
  • The Lawrence of Arabia theme and Peter O’Toole’s slightly mad blue eyes,
  • The imperial march of the Star Wars music … and so on.

Sometimes the magic is the selection of music that has been chosen. For me it has opened up new avenues of music appreciation. And then there are the composers of original sound tracks like Ennio Morricone, John Williams or  Shostakovich.

The Hollywood Film Music Reader is a serious collection of writings about the art of matching film and music.

Have you got favourite film music? The perfect match of music to scene?

Falling in love with music again

CoverFor a while there, I couldn’t listen to any music. Dance-worthy pop songs jarred with my sombre state; rock songs were too loud, too confrontational; and acoustic folk brought up emotions I wanted to avoid.

Then a musician friend of mine, Michal Williams, created a blog. Each week she posts a new song, processing what has happened to Christchurch through music. Listening to her sing and play has reconnected me with my love of music.

Now I have music playing where ever I go; there’s a soundtrack accompanying everything I do. After losing my iPod and CD collection to the quake, the library’s physical and virtual music collections have become a lifeline for me.

Among the musical stylings I’m listening to post-quake are an assortment of New Zealand musicians, including:

What New Zealand music has helped you get through, put a smile on your face, or given you goosebumps (in a good way)?

Soundtrack for a book

Cover image for Zoo CityThere’s plenty of soundtracks for movies, but I have’t come across a soundtrack for a book before.

UK publisher Angry Robot published Zoo City by Lauren Beukes in 2010, and now African Dope has produced a soundtrack to go with the book.

So far the brief listen I have had fits with my memory of reading the book and I’m now going to re-read the book alongside the soundtrack to see what the experience is like (and given that I rarely re-read books, this will be a quirky multisensory experiment).

Let me know if you know of other book soundtracks.