You are feeling very sleepy …

Relief from snoring and sleep apnoeaSleep was something that I never had to think about, I went to bed and I went to sleep – end of story.  Those days are sadly gone, I go to bed … I lie awake, or I sleep and wake up … and then lie awake! Thankfully, at this stage I am not a snorer and I don’t have Sleep Apnoea. This is where you wake up feeling like you haven’t been asleep, your partner has possibly moved to another room with ear plugs, and worryingly your snoring and sleep apnoea is affecting your health.

South Library is hosting Tess Graham, a physiotherapist and author of Relief from snoring and sleep apnoea : a step-by-step guide to restful sleep and better health through changing the way you breathe, on Thursday 5 March. The library has her book plus a number of other titles that could prove useful. 

The only other time in my life where sleep evaded me was when I had wakeful babies. There is so much advice about the best way to get your baby to sleep and as you can imagine many a book has been written on the subject.  When I had my children the common belief was to leave them to cry. Those days have gone, and books on the subject now talk about being guided by your child, establishing routines and trusting your instincts.

Black MoonHowever feel grateful that there isn’t an epidemic as in Black Moon by Kenneth Calhoun which causes people to completely lose the plot when they are infected with a bug that causes permanent insomnia.  This book will make you feel grateful for the occasional sleep loss and is a good dystopian read with plenty of action.



Having sleeping problems?

Book cover of Relief from SnoringSleeping should be easy, but as every newborn shows, it isn’t always child’s play.

Tess Graham, author of Relief from Snoring and Sleep Apnoea, thinks she can help us have a more restful sleep and more energy by changing the way we breathe. Tess is based in Australia but is visiting Christchurch to share her expertise.

Come along to South Library on Thursday March 5  from 11 am to 12 pm to hear Tess talk about healthy breathing habits. To find out more information and book your place, look at our events page.

Library resources to help with sleep

Books about sleep disorders
Books about helping your baby sleep
Music for relaxation
Articles about sleeping in Health & Wellness Resource Center
Fact sheets, articles and videos about sleep in Consumer Health Complete

Pull up the blankets, turn out the lights, cuddle your teddy, time to say goodnight

I’ve noticed that there has been a bit of a run on picture books about bedtime lately and they’re all really cute.  Here’s just a couple of my favourites:

9781842709153Bedtime without Arthur by Jessica Meserve is about a girl called Bella who has a very special bear named Arthur who protects her from monsters when she is asleep.  “He is as brave as a knight.  He is as strong as ten elephants.  And he does karate.”  While Arthur is fighting the monsters in the shadows, Bella is dreaming of rainbows and rainforests, but one night Arthur goes missing and Bella has a horrible sleep because she can’t stop thinking about the dragons, slugs and grizzly bears that she is scared of.  She searches everywhere for him and finds that he has made another friend.  This little bear has lots of character and the illustrations are adorable and so bright.

9781842708217One of my favourite illustrators, Chris Riddell has also written and illustrated a picture book about the monsters that hide in your room.  Mr Underbed is about a boy called Jim who is dozing off one night when a friendly monster pops out from under his bed.  His name is Mr Underbed and he’s a bright blue, fluffy thing with a bulbous pink nose and a friendly face, and he tells Jim that it is very uncomfortable sleeping under the bed and asks if he can sleep in his bed.  Jim invites him in but this is only the start of the long string of monsters who want to share his bed, including Pinkie the bedside table rabbit and Grimble, Grumble and Groan the toy trunk triplets.  Will Jim ever be able to get to sleep?

9780747599715Stormy Weather by Debi Gliori doesn’t have the humour of the previous two books and is more of a lullaby for parents to read to their children before bed.  The different animals tell their children how they will watch over them and protect them while they sleep.  The text flows nicely and is a pleasure to read with perfect ryhthm to lull children to sleep.