A 1920s bloke’s shed at 60 Aikmans Road, Merivale: Picturing Canterbury

A 1920s bloke’s shed at 60 Aikmans Road, Merivale. Kete Christchurch. Pearce_family_photos_45. Entry in the 2013 Christchurch City Libraries Photo Hunt. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 New Zealand License.

A 1920s bloke’s shed at 60 Aikmans Road, Merivale. This shed held the prized family car, the motorbike, tools and was also used for the family business. Arthur James Pearce did his cobbler work in this shed. This shed was every 1920s mans dream, hence why it got its own photo! Taken by Arthur Cyril Pearce in about 1920.

Entry in the 2013 Christchurch City Libraries Photo Hunt

Photo Hunt 2017: Plains, Port Hills & Peninsula – Finding our way

This year the theme for Photo Hunt is Plains, Port Hills & Peninsula – Finding our way. However, the photos you submit are not limited to this theme. We invite you to share any of your photos and help grow the city’s photographic archive. All entries must be received by 31 October.

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A shed of your own

Backyrad BuildingMy Dad had a shed.  It was wonderful. Everything had a place, from the oddments of timber to the jars of old nails that he had painstakingly bent back into shape.  It was a place that I was allowed to visit – occasionally – but only the proviso that I didn’t stay long, and I didn’t interfere with whatever happened to be going on.

He would have been a great supporter of Menzshed:

It is a place where men can go to, socialise, have a yarn, be creative, share ideas, share skills and spend time with other men while working.

Men are the primary focus and are seen as the most in need of what Menzshed have to offer.  The website shows plenty of activity and branches throughout the country.

TheToolsheds community in Christchurch has focused on the Kiwi statehouses of the 30s and 40s that were often built with wonderful tool sheds in the back garden

The plan is to rescue a large handful of them from demolition in Christchurch’s earthquake red zone and turn them into port-a-com units for use by adventurous community groups.

Cover of The dark knight of the shedPerhaps you fancy setting up a shed of your own? In The Dark night of the shed: Men, the mid-life crisis, spirituality and sheds the author decided to build a shed to give himself the space to think, and to perhaps curtail the midlife crisis that was fast encroaching in the form of lycra, buying a new sportscar or starting an affair.

My Cool shedIf you prefer your sheds with a bit more ‘how to’ and less angst then Backyard building might be a good start, and if like me you like looking but not necessarily actually doing anything then My Cool Shed: An Inspirational Guide to Stylish Hideaways and Workspaces could be just the ticket.

I want a shed

Cover of My Cool ShedIt’s spring and it seems like everyone is out in their sheds making stuff.  Brewing home brew, potting up the seedlings, making wooden toys for Christmas or just pottering around.  It’s not fair.

I want a shed. Why should men have all the fun? I think I’m missing out. Barbara Hepworth had a shed and so did Dylan Thomas. I read all about their sheds in My cool shed. I might have to make one, but I will have to visit a shed owner so I could borrow their tools. I love the old sheds that men have. They built them from recycled materials and didn’t have to worry too much about earthquake proof foundations and building codes. I think my husband would be happy to have my knitting wool and sewing machine relocated to a shed.

In my shed, I would escape from the ironing.  I could curl up with a good book,and enjoy a cup of tea with a jam tart.  I think my shed should have a big window with red curtains.  It would have a long bench for my craft UFOs (Unfinished Objects) and there would be lots of shelves for my bucket list books.

If you were to visit my shed at around 3 o’clock and I wasn’t there, you would find the key under the garden gnome.  The jam tarts will be in the tin labelled ‘buttons’.  Make yourself a cup of tea. I’ll be back soon.