Look beneath the surface during Seaweek

Book cover of The Power of the SeaKiwis love the sea and luckily we have a chance to properly celebrate it every year with Seaweek. The theme for Seaweek this year is “Look beneath the surface – Papatai ō roto – Papatai ō raro”.

There are lots of Seaweek events that Cantabrians can head along to:

Find more Canterbury Seaweek events on the Seaweek website and look for resources about New Zealanders and the sea on our catalogue. Seaweek runs from Saturday 28 February to Sunday 8 March 2015 and is run by the NZ Association for Environmental Education.

View out the window at New Brighton Library

“The sea! The sea!”

Ancient Greek historian Xenophon and the August nature and science newsletter seem to have a thing about the sea. Dive in and see if you are on the same wave-length. Catch the drift of the reading picks, if you don’t like one, there are plenty more fish in the sea. Get on board our sailing ship of great aquatic reads. Have a whale of a time with some sea-tastic snappers of a sea-related….nope, that’s it, I’m out.

Book cover: the power of the sea Book cover of The Reef Book cover: The empty ocean  Book cover: The secret world of red wolves Book cover of The urban bestiary Book Cover: Animal architecture

Science lovers may also want to check out the WORD Christchurch session featuring Michael Corballis, author of The Wandering Mind.

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