Time, tide and the quest for the perfect sandcastle

book coverIf there is anyone to blame for my quest for the perfect sandcastle, it is Dad. When we were children, he dug a long jump pit and filled it with sand for his second daughter and he gave his youngest daughter a bucket and spade for Christmas. I spent a lot of time in the long jump pit trying to make the perfect sandcastle. The theory was simple, fill the bucket with sand and up-end it  for a perfectly formed bucket shaped castle. However the sand would never come out of the bucket in a beautiful castle shape, it was usually a collapsed heap. It would take a vast amount of sculpting and spade patting before I could sit back and admire my castle.  A few minutes later it would be raked over so big sister could practice long jump.

A seaside holiday was sandcastle heaven, The sand was wetter than what I had at home. The bucket worked and with a bit of sculpting, huge castles were created, with a driftwood drawbridge, scallop shell windows and a moat. Sadly time and tide can destroy a sand castle even when a wet dog can’t.

Recently I made two important discoveries.

  1. The library has books on how to build sandcastles.
  2. The Inaugural New Zealand Sandcastle Competition will be held on Saturday 21st–Sunday 22nd January 2012 at New Brighton.

Registration for the competition is now open. The Sand Sculpturing Competition for Adult Teams and Individuals is on Saturday. The “Kids-N-Kastles” Children’s Sand Sculpturing Competition and the Family Teams Sand Sculpturing Competition Fun Day is on Sunday.

If I borrow a library book and find my old bucket and spade, should I join in or should I take photos?

Grab your bucket and spade!

coverSummer is here so grab your bucket and spade…and maybe a spray bottle, masonry trowel, spatula, Popsicle stick or pastry brush. Get down to the beach for some training because you could be carving out a sand sculpture at the Inaugural New Zealand Sand Castle Competition at New Brighton beach on 4 to 6 March 2010.

Check out New Zealand Sandcastle Competition for some inspiration and handy hints on creating that masterpiece. You can also enter one of the three competitions on offer or book your place at the Sandcastle Ball. So, get down to the beach and get building!
See what is in our collection on sandcastle building.