Menu card: Christmas dinner at Shepheard’s Hotel, Cairo, 1914

Menu card: Christmas dinner at Shepheard's Hotel, Cairo, 1914
A menu card from a 1914 Noel dinner at Shepheard’s Hotel, Cairo. The front of the menu card has a number of signatures. A note on the inside of the card reads: Divisional Headquarters Staff, New Zealand Expeditionary Force, December 1914.

From: Archive 444 – A small collection of material relating to World War 1, collected by Oswald Norris and his family. Oswald Mark Norris served in the Canterbury Infantry Regiment, I Company, and died at Gallipoli in 1915, aged 22.

This is the last in our series for Records and Archives Week 2011.

Letter to Hazel, 12/12/1914, from Zeitoun, Cairo

For Records and Archives Week we’re on the theme of kai. Kiwi soldiers overseas had some interesting food experiences, as this letter to Hazel in December 1914 from Cecil Malthus shows:

Letter to Hazel, 12/12/1914, from Zeitoun, Cairo

The text reads, in part: “The restaurants are delightful, and I can’t understand why there are none in New Zealand. You can sit either indoors or out among the trees, and can get a light meal and very good beer and wine, all cheap.”

You can read more letters from Cecil Malthus to his future wife, Hazel, on our website: Cecil Malthus : World War I papers [letters, telegrams, documents].

Canterbury lamb in its ultimate, appetising form

We continue our food-related series for Records and Archives Week, with this tasty image:

Canterbury lamb in its ultimate, appetising form

The text reads: “Every year, ships load at Lyttelton and other ports with thousands of frozen carcases from the freezing works. Thus, the lambs which grazed on the on the sunny Canterbury Plains find their way to feed the British people”.

It’s a page from a wonderful pamphlet, Christchurch, New Zealand, city of beautiful gardens and parklands, tourist centre of the South Island. It’s well worth a look.

Supper, 50th anniversary and annual meeting

Hungry yet? Here’s another food-related image from our collection as we celebrate Records and Archives Week 2011.

Supper, 50th anniversary and annual meeting

A celebration of fifty years of the volunteer run Linwood Public Library, 1959

Collated for Records and Archives Week (RAW) 2011

On the tail of the tuna: kōrero about eeling

CoverThe theme for this year’s Records and Archives week  is “From the hāngī pit to the Weetbix Kid: Recording the history of food in New Zealand.”  As a child and teen I spent quite a bit of time down south in Mataura during school holidays.  Alongside fishing for trout with the family, one of the other things we often used to do was to set out at night on a mission to catch tuna (eel).

My cousins and I and some of the local kids would get all kitted up and head off, five or six of us with torches in hand on a mission down to the river.  We weren’t always successful – usually just the fun of going on an eel tromp was a reward in itself, even if we didn’t end up coming home with anything.

People have been eeling for hundreds of years, and luckily, we have some recordings of people recalling their experiences.

Have a listen to this kōrero about eeling from Wairewa Marae at Te Waihora (Lake Ellesmere):

Or try Cath Brown’s reminisces about eeling at Ngāti Moki Marae.

These recordings are one of the many ways we can document material so that future generations can have access to such wonderful taonga.

Peeling Potatoes

Here’s another image for Records and Archives Week. This one’s from a photo album of Cashmere Sanatorium, 1913-1933 – Archive 887.

Peeling potatoes

J.E. Bashford, Luncheon Rooms

Another digitised item from our collection for Records and Archives Week, this one from 1878:

J.E. Bashford, Luncheon Rooms

The text reads, in part: Triangle, Colombo Street

Tea, Coffee and Cocoa always ready. A large & varied stock of confectionery, bride and christening cakes… of superior quality, chaste and elegant in design.

T.M. Gee, Fancy Bread & Biscuit Baker

It’s Records and Archives Week. Here’s an item from the from the Southern Provinces Almanac series.
T.M. Gee, Fancy Bread & Biscuit Baker

The text reads:

T.M. Gee, Fancy Bread & Biscuit Baker, General confectioner and Ginger beer manufacturer, Canterbury Street, Lyttelton. T.M.G wishes to inform the public that he has opened a shop in London Street…for the sale of Confectionery… Where a stock of JELLIES, FRUIT PIES, CUSTARDS, SANDWICHES, GINGER BEER and LEMONADE, will always be on hand.

From the hangi pit to the Weetbix Kid: Records and Archives Week 2011

coverRecords and Archives Week starts on Sunday. It’s  an annual celebration of the fascinating material held in our cultural institutions, as well as the work of the archivists and record keepers who preserve items of enduring value for us all to share.

This year’s theme is food –  guaranteed to evoke all sorts of memories and a subject well covered by Christchurch City Libraries’  print and online resources. We’ll be posting an item from our collection each day from Sunday 1 May until Saturday 7 May, so keep an eye on the blog for some visual treats from days gone by.

People have been gathering food locally for many, many years and there is a lot of information on how they did it. With the wonders of technology we can all share the information, if not the food itself. Try these resources to whet your appetite.