Ideas for rebuilding a city

Over the past year the library has continued to  purchase new and interesting architecture books, in anticipation for the day when Christchurch is given the go ahead to rebuild.  In my own suburb I’m gradually noticing that things seem to be moving – slowly – but there are signs that perhaps some rebuilding is starting to happen.  The opening of the Cashel Mall has of course brought some life and movement back to the city as well.

Here are just a few of the titles that we have bought, and we hope that you find they bring ideas, hope and passion back into the somewhat daunting rebuild process.

CoverLow price houses by Chris Van Uffelen
Emergency accommodation is something that we have become familiar with in Christchurch. This book offers numerous intelligent ideas for ordinary house construction.

CoverAffordable architecture : great houses on a budget  by Stephen Crafti
Showcasing new houses, renovations, kit homes and more than 40 projects from Europe, the United States, Japan, and Australia, this book highlights the fact that great ideas are more important than unlimited budgets.

A place in the sun : innovative homes designed for our climate : Australia & New Zealand by Stuart Harrison
We have plenty of it, so Harrison suggests ways in which we can best maximise the sun’s potential and use ideas such as passive design to reduce energy use,  as well as looking at how light can add magic to an interior.

CoverPrefabulous + sustainable : building and customizing an affordable, energy-efficient home by Sheri Koones
In some circles the idea of a prefab home is akin to treason, but this book dispels the negative myths associated with prefab homes, and shows the reader how beautiful and remarkably green these homes can be.  Filled with photographs, captions and floor plans.

Container atlas: a practical guide to container architecture by Han Slawik
Containers have become familiar in ways we never thought possible, and perhaps a new edition of this title will include our very own Cashel Mall?  This book presents a wide range of container architecture projects from around the world, along with an in-depth investigation into the background and evolution of this type of architecture.

CoverMy green city : back to nature with attitude and style  by Kitty Bolhöfer
The book presents a variety of inspirational projects,  from urban farming initiatives and architectural visions that are changing our cities as a whole, to furniture and other everyday objects that can make our own streets and homes greener.

Creating cohousing : building sustainable communities  by Kathryn McCamant
For those of you that see an opportunity with the rebuild to do things a bit differently, this title   includes  innovative ideas and case studies, alongside nuts and bolts practical advice on how to regain  a sense of community within the confines of 21st century life.

Cover150 best eco house ideas by Marta Serrats
Full of colour photographs, and eco-friendly house designs, here are the latest innovations in sustainable home design, including solar panelling, wind energy systems, environmentally friendly heating and cooling solutions, thermal glazing, and trombe walls.

You might also like to check out our Library website for links to a multitude of  Home and Living ideas.

Rebuilding Christchurch – Your voice

book coverAll sorts of people are popping up with ideas about the “new” Christchurch. Some are local, some are national and some are international commentators. As a resident and citizen of Christchurch you might  still be in the stunned mullet stage of coming to grips with the new normal. But if you are already thinking about what you want to see happen in your city there are a number of places where you can  share ideas.

One of the casualties of the quake was the Before After lecture series and display at the Christchurch Art Gallery but still has some interesting  ideas and comments.

If you want to do some reading check out our Urban Design resources. If you are thinking about what kind of houses we might build then I think Kevin McCloud’s 43 principles of home is a great place to start.