Aranui loves reggae

Aranui LibraryTo celebrate Aranui Library’s entry onto the scene, Christchurch City Libraries have decided to fund a big music event in Aranui Library during New Zealand Music Month. It takes place on Wednesday 22 May 2013, 3:30 to 5:30pm.

Merchants of Flow is a successful and impressive local reggae band, with links to Aranui High School, so we roped them in.

And playing support will be Imprint, an energetic local group, which features current and ex members of Aranui High.

The gig will be broadcast on RDU 98.5FM  (you can listen to RDU98.5 FM or on the internet), and will feature interviews with the bands.

You’re all welcome to join us at this, or any of our NZ Music Month gigs.

It is free and it’s fun and we’d love to see you there.

A Flat City – Cool stuff for NZ Music Month #2

Local radio station RDU 98.5FM has produced a documentary podcast series called A Flat City.

It’s a fascinating piece of work produced by Jonny Pipe, interspersing music with personal stories and observations. It is all pretty frank and honest stuff:

A Flat City records the impressions and experiences of Christchurch’s creative community following the February 2011 Earthquakes …  Covering 13 episodes, A Flat City covers the emotional, social, financial and creative aspects of the disaster, highlighting the creative responses of those affected, and discusses the rebuilding process from the alternative/creative community’s perspective.

Here is episode 1 – on Country downbeat and the Lyttelton scene
RDU 98.5FM A Flat City Documentary Episode 1 – Country Downbeat And The Lyttelton Scene by Rdu on Mixcloud

Listen to more episodes on Mixcloud.

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