Who on earth was Ray Blank?

It’s a name that might suit a Bond movie – Blank, Ray Blank. If you’ve ever played football in Christchurch, you’ll probably know that there’s a park named after this fellow – but who was he?

As part of our preparations for the Culture Galore festival in March, we’ve added a profile of Ray Blank to the library website.

Several colleagues have combined their efforts to search out information on the former principal and Waimairi County Councillor. Involved in many sports developments around the city, Ray Blank also designed golf courses, as well as pioneering the open air school concept.

He might not be as well-known as Bond, but he’s a fascinating character who made quite a contribution to Christchurch as we know it.  So on that note, which Christchurch person would you like to see a profile of on the library website? Any suggestions out there?