The Mud Club: Gardening eMagazines

If your garden is anything like mine, gardening would be a wet and muddy and not that appealing. So container gardening or planning is as far as I am willing to go at the moment. The library has heaps of eMagazines that you can borrow free via RBdigital Magazines or PressReader.

To celebrate the season of growing and greenery, in September we are hosting seed swaps. Bring in your leftover seeds to Lyttelton, Spreydon, South, Hornby or Akaroa Library and we’ll put them out to share. Find out more.

PressDisplay is dead. Long live PressReader!

Earlier this year we were told by our vendor Newspaper Direct that PressDisplay would be changing. Due to its popularity and the number of complaints we receive if there is even a small upset with this eResource we were all a bit terrified! The main market for PressDisplay though is not libraries but individual subscribers and business people who all require it to have a more mobile friendly interface which now sees the introduction of PressReader. Which thankfully has introduced a series of improvements.


PressReader still contains same day access to more than 2,000 newspapers and 500 magazines including The Press, The Listener and the New Zealand Women’s Weekly. The way these are displayed though is different and I encourage everyone to have a play with the new look. To fully enjoy all the benefits of PressReader – including the ability to customise what you see –  it is recommended that you set up your own account using your email address and a password.

You can also get 10 newspapers or magazines a day on your phone or tablet by downloading the PressReader app to read online or offline so you will never be short of reading material.

More information about what PressReader and its app can offer can be found on the PressReader about page

Car maintenance, tinkering & upgrading

Kiwis have a love of tinkering or sprucing up their cars, myself included, but I am a complete amateur. Here are some gems you can get through the library:

PressDisplay is evolving!

tablet and stack of newspapersThere can be no denying how popular PressDisplay is. Over 19,000 newspapers were read in June alone and if there is ever a delay from PressDisplay (based in Vancouver) in getting the latest edition of The Press up then the phones here at the library run hot with angst.

Like all things technical upgrades are necessary to keep pace with the environment around them. PressDisplay is no different and in the coming months will shed its old interface like a caterpillar sheds its cocoon to evolve into a butterfly or in this case PressReader. There will still be unlimited access to newspapers and magazines from around the World but PressReader will be much more mobile friendly and provide access to features like instant translation and social sharing.

You can even set up your own account and customize what you want to see when you first open it. Personally I have the local newspaper the Press set up as a favourite as well as the Southland Times and the magazine Healthy Food Guide. You also get to download publications for later reading online or offline so you will never be stuck for quality reading material again.

At the moment when entering PressDisplay you will have the option to either try PressReader or PressDisplay. Feel free to use this time to investigate the changes to come or even set up your own account. The permanent swap over from PressDisplay to PressReader will happen on the 30th of August.

You can also get a look at PressReader here

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