Being serenaded by Placido

CoverHaving earthquakes has its upside – world famous opera stars honouring us with their presence for example. Placido Domingo has always been my favourite tenor. I can take or leave Pavarotti and never liked Jose Carreras, but Domingo is a sort of baritone tenor and I find his voice rich and satisfying.

He can act as well. I first saw him on film in a version of Carmen which screened at a film festival way back, playing opposite the sexiest Carmen I have ever seen. I came out of the theatre feeling as though my spirit had just been to a banquet. He followed up not much later with a film version of Otello which was equally spellbinding and passionate.

He’s getting on a bit now, but he looks after his voice by conducting rather than singing all the time. You’ll need to get in quick to get a ticket because they’re selling fast despite the hefty price tag.

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