Mortal Engines rule!

CoverIf you haven’t read Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve, you’d better get on to it. Or you won’t be able to compare it with the movie – our very own Peter Jackson will begin shooting on this film in March 2017!

Written for young adults, Carnegie Medal winning Mortal Engines is a fast-paced tale of good and evil. The first of four stories, Mortal Engines is set in a dystopian, steampunk future where cities and townships have become portable, driven by machines; and predatory.

The Traction City of London has chased down and eaten a small town. Eaten!!? As celebrations begin, fifteen year old Tom Natsworthy, a third-class apprentice in the Historian’s Guild, discovers corruption in the heart of the city.

The man he respects most, Thaddeus Valentine, is not what he appears to be. Tainted with this knowledge, Tom is ejected from London: pushed down a waste tube and out into the Hunting Grounds of Europe. Aided by a scar-faced girl intent on murdering his mentor, Tom must find his way back to his city, to fight for its future.

Philip Reeve creates great characters and scenes. The book is so visual that it reads like a movie. I’m excited to see how Phillip Reeve’s Steampunk ideas of huge metal and cog cities, driven by steam, will translate to the big screen.

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Rude Monsters, Hungry Cakes and Dinosaur Scientists

Some of my favourite books are full of adventure but also make me laugh. They can take you to space, the high seas or travel back in time, but they also feature silly monsters, hungry cakes and dinosaur scientists.

If these sound like books that you would like to read we have a great booklist just for you – If you like…funny adventure stories for kids. A couple of my favourite books from this list are Cakes in Space by Philip Reeve and The Deadly Seven by Garth Jennings.

Cakes in Space is the story of Astra, a girl who is getting ready to travel to a new planet with her family. They have to travel for many years to get to this planet, so they have to be cryogenically frozen and sleep the whole time. Just before she is ready to get put to sleep Astra decides she is hungry and goes to find the giant machine on the ship that makes food.  This machine can make any food you wish and Astra asks for cake. She presses the buttons but nothing happens and no food appears. She rushes back to her sleeping pod with an empty stomach and gets put to sleep. She wakes up many years later but she is the only one on the ship who is awake. Something has gone wrong and Astra is not the only thing wandering the corridors of her ship. Giant, mutant cakes, with huge teeth are all over the ship and they are hungry!  It’s up to Astra to save her ship and her family. You’ll never look at cakes the same way again.  It’s a really funny and action-packed read, with aliens that you’ve never heard of before.

The Deadly Seven is about Nelson, who is just an ordinary boy until the day he falls onto a mysterious machine that has been hidden away in a church for many years. Little does he know that this machine has extracted the seven deadly sins from him. Now he’s being followed around by seven noisy, smelly, rude monsters. When Nelson’s sister is kidnapped on a school trip it’s up to Nelson and his monster friends to find her and bring her home. The Deadly Seven is a laugh-out-loud read, with a bunch of funny monsters that you’ll love.

If you like the sound of these great books you can get them from the Library, or reserve them for free if they are out. Check out our If you like…funny adventure stories booklist for more stories like these, or look at our other kids booklists to find your next read.