The unquiet library

Pandemonium performs at South Library in 2011

When I arrived at South Library on Saturday all was quiet. Down in the far corner however, were a few bumps and bangs. Following the noises I located Brett Painter setting up percussion instruments for a performance of music by Pandemonium. Children surrounded him on the floor shaking tins and tinkering with empty plastic containers.

The moment the performance began children and adults crowded around, mesmerized by a thrilling performance of rhythmic music from around the world. Two performers somehow managed to sound like an entire orchestra. I was surprised to find that it is possible to play The Flight of the Bumblebee on the Marimba, albeit with two performers running around it, playing from both sides and regularly swapping positions.

I found myself beside two tourists happily shaking their improvised instruments to the music. In front of them the children were completely involved. Under instruction from Brett, their drum sticks were flourished when the music was loud and vanished again to be replace by gentle shaking and scratching when the music was soft. The rest of the audience clapped along too.

I love these guys. Their high energy and captivating rhythms and musicianship are a winning combination.

Make some noise with Pandemonium this Sunday!

Don’t stay stuck inside on a cold and wet Sunday afternoon.  Come along to the Centre for the Child this Sunday, 23 May and make some noise!  Watch the awesome percussion group Pandemonium make weird and wonderful music from recycled junk.   You can even make your own music and join in with a group jam as instruments are supplied by Pandemonium.

Come along and join us at Central Library, 2-3pm this Sunday, 23 May.

It’s all Pandemonium at Central Library

If you thought our renovations in Central library were pandemonium wait until you see who we have in Central Library this Sunday.  The fabulous Christchurch percussion group, Pandemonium, are going to join us in the Centre for the Child for a musical spectacular, especially for families, to celebrate NZ Music Month. 

You can bring the whole family for this interactive Junk Jam concert where you can listen to Pandemonium perform some weird and wonderful music on their recycled instruments and then you can have the chance to join them in bashing and clanking some junk.  They supply all the instruments and will teach you how to use them so you can help create a musical masterpiece and try to bring down the library roof.

This is a free event so just come down to the Centre for the Child in Central Library, this Sunday 23 May from 2-3pm.