Clint: “I’m just a guy who makes movies.”

It made my day to see ClintSearch BiblioCommons for Clint arrive on the shelves. And I think people of all ages will find much to enjoy. Clint’s movie career spans six decades so even the youngest moviegoer is likely to have seen one of his movies.

The book is written by his friend Richard Schickel, a writer and documentary filmmaker, so you won’t find a particularly objective view of Clint the person, in fact much of the commentary is downright obsequious.  But for die hard fans it is a long enjoyable walk down memory lane, as each movie is discussed in turn with lots of fascinating details about the origin of each screenplay, the varied reactions of the critics, the audience vote and the dirt on the money won and lost each time.

There’s something particularly satisfying in reading about an underdog who rises from being sneered at for his spaghetti westerns to become a movie show pony and geriatric success story at the Oscars. And at 81 years of age it isn’t likely we will see that many more creations from the man who brought us Dirty Harry Callaghan, so make the most of this reading trip. Or put a hold on one of his films – we have twenty to choose from.