The Secret Lives of New Zealand Children’s Authors

Which New Zealand illustrator often gets chocolate on her artwork? Which New Zealand author once wet her pants in fright? Whose nickname is Giggleswick? Who loves to eat strawberry sandwiches? You can find out the answer to all of these questions in our New Zealand Children’s Author pages.

In our New Zealand Children’s Author pages we have interviews with New Zealand children’s authors and illustrators.  You can find out their favourite foods and authors, embarrassing moments, nicknames, what they were like at school and much more.  You’ll find interviews with authors like Margaret Mahy, Des Hunt, Elizabeth Pulford and Melinda Szymanik.  Some of our featured authors have even written short stories that you can read anywhere, anytime.  There is Giant Jimmy Jones by Gavin Bishop, The McGoodys by Joy Cowley, and It’s Quackers Around Here by Maria Gill.

We’ve added two more interviews recently, with R.L. Stedman (author of A Necklace of Souls) and Sue Copsey (author of The Ghosts of Tarawera).

This week we are celebrating New Zealand Book Week so there is no better time to check out these fun, entertaining interviews with some of our wonderful New Zealand authors and illustrators.

New Zealand Book Week & the Rugby World Cup!

It’s New Zealand Book Week and the final of the Rugby World Cup. How will we cope? What will we read? I’ve got it covered, so just relax and enjoy the ride.

Leading up to the game.

Cover of On top of everythingCover of No second chanceCover of CollisionCover of The demolition of the century

Followed by.

Cover of Running towards dangerCover of Heart of obsidianCover of Sacrifice

Opening play.

Cover of Final retributionCover of SoonCover of TrifectaCover of Trust no one

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Cover of Cross fingersCover of FalloutCover of The PredictionsCover of The journey

Half time sustenance.

Cover of Chocolate for breakfastCover of Blood wine and chocolateCover of Recipe for lifeCover of A sandwich short of a picnic

And, of course, the back-up plan.

Cover of A jold to the heart

How will you make it through the week?

Go, the All Blacks!

Read NZ during NZ Book Week 2015

There is no New Zealand Book Month again this year but the New Zealand Society of Authors has taken the initiative and are running New Zealand Book Week instead. It’s on next week – from 26 October 26 until 1 November – and it will also include the inaugural New Zealand Bookshop Day being held on Saturday 31 October.

NZ Book Week

I always loved New Zealand Book Month so I’m really pleased that the NZ Society of Authors has started this small celebration of New Zealand books, authors and illustrators.

There are a few events happening throughout the country to celebrate New Zealand Book Week and you can find out what is happening on the New Zealand Society of Authors website. For families, The Original Children’s Bookshop in Christchurch has a special celebration on Saturday 31 October for NZ Bookshop Day. Illustrators Jenny Cooper and Helen Taylor will be in the store creating some illustrations, reading and signing books, and everyone in the family can enter the colouring competition.Check out The Original Children’s Bookshop website for more information and to download the colouring competition form.

Local illustrator Jenny Cooper will be instore from 11.00am – 2.00 pm and Helen Taylor will join her at noon and be here until 3.00pm. They will read stories if you ask nicely, sign books and they may even draw a picture or two. At 2.30pm community librarian Zac McCallum will be here for story telling.

The best way that you can celebrate New Zealand Book Week is to read New Zealand books, and we certainly have plenty of them in the library. We have some wonderful authors (and illustrators) in New Zealand who write all sorts of stories. Personally I love a story set in New Zealand, whether it’s in a place that I’ve visited or not. As a librarian with a passion for children’s literature, I love the fantastic children’s literature community that we have here in New Zealand. As the big publishing houses have disappeared from New Zealand, more and more of our authors are having to publish their stories independently, at their own cost. Therefore it is even more important that we support our local authors so that they can keep writing and doing what they love.

So, my challenge to you is to come to your library (or browse or great selection of Kiwi eBooks through Wheelers from the comfort of your home) and select some local books to read next week during New Zealand Book Week. If you’re a parent or teacher, choose New Zealand books to read to your children.

Check out some of our New Zealand fiction titles for adults, kids and teens: