Neighbourhood Week 2017/18

Neighbourhood week is here! 27th October to 31st March 2018. Yes, you read that correctly. This year neighbourhood week is extended for the entire summer.

Do you know who your neighbours are? I don’t know mine as well as I should like. Neighbourly relations are important yet I have, for the most part, lived according to the wise words of Robert Frost:

“Good fences make good neighbours.”

I often come home to find my cat peering out from the neighbour’s bedroom window. If he’s living the double life over there, perhaps it’s time I followed suit and got to know them better. The only thing we may share in common is a boundary fence, but chances are they will be lovely, decent and hardworking people.

Thankfully, there are plans and resources to help us all get into the neighbourly spirit this summer. As part of the ongoing effort to help people connect in with their neighbours and strengthen community foundations, a small fund has been allotted by the Christchurch City Council Community Boards to help out with the planning and running of local events. Through this, you can register a neighbourhood event of your own and receive a small grant to go towards a fun event for you local neighbours and community this summer. Look now, an excellent excuse to throw a party! How could you refuse?

You can also check out our website and events calendar – Christchurch City Libraries events are always a great way to meet new people, socialise with your locals and build connections. Things to look out for include:

What exciting events have you got planned for Neighbourhood Week?

Neighbourhood Week 2015

Neighbourhood Week 2015 PosterNeighbourhood Week is happening again this year from Friday 23 October to Sunday 1 November, and it is a fantastic opportunity to bring people together, build stronger communities and get to know those around you. It is also a perfect excuse for a party!

In this day and age it is a bit hard to keep track of the people around you. We all work or have too many commitments and, before you know it, you are surrounded by strangers! This is the perfect time to go and meet your neighbours without them thinking you are a bit strange. 😉

There are many ways you can participate, from organising a street party to hosting a dinner or a sports day to just going and introducing yourself to your neighbours.

There are heaps of tips and ideas on the Neighbourhood Week page, from how to organise a party to how to ask for a grant for one (although applications for this year have closed, it’s never too early to start planning for next year) and you can even print invitations for your event.

We also have some wonderful books at Christchurch City Libraries that will give you ideas. You can

You can also find out about what’s happening in your library by browsing our events calendar. Chances are you’ll meet people that live in your area and that have similar interests to you… win win!

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In your Neighbourhood Week

Neighbourhood week runs from 25 October to 3 November 2013. It is a chance to get to know your neighbours.

CINCH logoWe’ve got some tools to help you link into your neighbourhood:

If you need to find a community organisation in Christchurch, our community information directory CINCH is the place to go. Our libraries have community noticeboards and display information on local groups and classes.

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Neighbourhood Week: Getting to know your neighbours

When the September quake struck I had only been in my house for a few months and had met few of my neighbours. Within a day I met a many more. Suddenly I felt part of the community. It didn’t last though, because many people moved on from our mud-strewn street over the months following the February event. However, I get another chance, because some kind person has organised a street party as part of Neighbourhood Week.
Birthday Party

Many of us have had to move in the last couple of years and need ways to get to know our new community, but how do you do it if you are not lucky enough to have a neighbour organising a street party?

My first port of call would be to CINCH. I’m not a church goer, but I had so many of the local churches knock on my door after the earthquakes that I could have held an inter-denominational conference in my living room – so I know that there are many active in my area. A search for church groups in St Albans brings up an impressive list. Likewise I can look for any groups involved in activities I enjoy, such as the St Albans Art Society or Garden Club.

I could also visit my friendly area community centre and have a chat. Fortunately the Council has just given us a temporary facility to replace the one we lost in September 2010.

If you want to plan your own event for Neighbourhood Week, the Council has lots of good ideas on their web page.