Billboards, hoardings and the prosecution of William Posters

Cover: Paste UpI have always liked the music posters that adorn the hoarding around construction sites. Whilst waiting for the bus to arrive, I would discover that open mike night was on Wednesday, a band with a doubtful name would be playing in a seedy bar in an unsavory part of town, and the National Ballet would be performing The Nutcracker in two months’ time.

Unfortunately, not everyone appreciated these informative, ephemeral works of art. One night the posters were ripped off, the hoardings painted white and “Bill Posters Will Be Prosecuted” was stencilled across the hoarding in big, black letters. My early morning reading material was gone. How was I to find out when my favorite band was going to tour my home town or release a new album? Thank goodness, a new poster soon appeared: “William Posters Is Innocent”. The posters came back and Split Enz released a new album in early April 1978.

At Shirley Community Library, the spirit of Bill Posters lives on. Our small billboard promotes Music Month and the acts that will be performing here: Helen Webby, Shirley Primary School Kapa Haka, Sam Dally and Midge McCleary.

The bills went up when no-one was looking and William Posters was not prosecuted.

NZ Music Month display at Shirley Library From the Digital Images Collection

P.S. For more photos of the display, check out our Flickr photostream.