McNulty calls Jane Austen muscular

Sort of.  Dominic West who plays Jimmy McNulty in The Wire (The. Best. TV. Series. Ever) is undertaking a new project reading from classic books including Pride and Prejudice.

He loves the writing of Jane Austen, especially the scene in Pride and Prejudice where Fitzwilliam Darcy declares his most ardent love:

I thought it was such incredible writing. So muscular, so layered … the sophistication of the language … the psychological insights into the characters … Elizabeth Bennet is just so clever and brave and witty and funny and great.

Just when you think McNulty couldn’t be cooler (apparently he was at Glastonbury recently eating a giant cornish pastie and getting ‘big ups’ all over the show) … he takes it to the supercool wall!

And he’s not alone – actors Greg Wise and Dan Stevens also feature in Carte Noire Readers – “For a more seductive coffee break, watch The Carte Noire Readers read your favourite literary love scenes”. Why ever not!