Win tickets for My Week With Marilyn

We’ve got another hot movie ticket competition courtesy of Roadshow Film Distribut0rs – 5 double passes to the movie My Week With Marilyn. The movie is released in New Zealand on March 8, 2012.
coverEarly in the summer of 1956, American film star Marilyn Monroe  set foot on British soil for the first time.  On honeymoon with her husband, the celebrated playwright Arthur Miller, Monroe came to England to shoot The Prince and the Showgirl – the film that famously united her with Sir Laurence Olivier, the British theatre and film legend who directed and co-starred in the film.
That same summer, 23-year-old Colin Clark set foot on a film set for the first time in his life.  Newly graduated from Oxford, Clark aspired to be a filmmaker and found a job as a lowly production hand on the set of The Prince and the Showgirl.  Forty years later, he recounted his experiences of the six-month shoot in a memoir entitled, ‘The Prince, the Showgirl and Me.’ But one week in Clark’s account was missing.

You can read that account as  My Week with Marilyn from our library catalogue. To find more recommendations  check out our Read the book then see the film.

So how can you win? Just email and tell us who is your favourite Marilyn Monroe image or movie is –  email us at including your name, phone number, library card number and address. We’ll get in touch with the winners and hook you up with the tickets.

  • The competition is open to Christchurch City Libraries members.
  • Staff of Christchurch City Libraries and their immediate families are not able to enter.
  • Competition closes on Tuesday 6 March. Winners announced on 7 March.

Tis the Oscar season

coverI’m a big movie fan and the Oscar season is exciting because it often means some of the top contenders get released in February and March. The other thing a good film often prompts me to do is to go back to the library to read a bit more – the book it was based on, the life of the character, the historical events portrayed in the film.

Some new releases this February look particularly tempting. First up is J.Edgar starring Leonardo Di Caprio. What a monster (Hoover that is not Leo). The grip he held on American public life for so many years and his hidden private life have sparked an energetic publishing boom. The library has an interesting selection – you can even hear Hoover’s voice on the Kronos Quartet recording and we also have a few meaty tomes on the F.B.I .

The one that really intrigues me is The Artist. French actors winning awards! Has Hollywood lost its mind? A silent movie, in black and white! Well the dog is cute.  Books about and DVDs of the silent film era are available in our catalogue. As well there are a raft of biographies of some of the great stars – Chaplin, Valentino, Louise Brookes and so on.

Marilyn Monroe is one of the great movie icons. Colin Clark’s revelation that as a 23 year old working on the set of The Prince and the Showgirl he had a brief fling with Marilyn has been turned into a movie My Week with Marilyn. Colin Clark is overshadowed by his brother Alan in the tell all publishing stakes. As for Marilyn – well writers and photographers were drawn to her train wreck life like bees to honey.